Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dammitt, Surprise, & YUM!!!!!

On sooooooo many Levels...just Dammitt.

On quite another level.....there's hope.

I Just have to remember...


Just have to keep reminding myself.......ninety million-bazillion times if need be.

Walked today for the first time since I broke my toe again. Only got .85 a mile done because with my toe still throbbing, I was walking at at odd angle and it was causing a shin-splint. So I quit for then and decided I'll do a couple more walks during the evening hours. The humidity here must be 110% today after all that rain the past couple days. Horrible. And it drains the energy right out of you!!!!
That's the first time EVER in my life I've woken up and jumped out of bed because I wanted to go for a walk.
What the hell is happening to me.

Not to get anything started up again, but I have been royally pissed off today and yesterday. I told y'all my car was hit while I was at work......well, if we had the camera- I could have photographed the damage for insurance purposes.
Also- I need a new photo of myself for my Nike profile....and again, no cam.


I'm working on a little something special for later this year. Can't say what- but wish me luck on it.

Debating whether or not I wanna go to the supermarket and get some more charcoal and another turkey breast today.
Damn that last one Paul smoked was tasty and it was good FOR us too!!!! And this time I get to tweak the rub a bit so it's not QUITE as spicy!!

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Seacat said...

I'll take a pic of you the next night we work together if you want. I can e-mail it to you.