Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dis N Dat.........

My week so far has been an odd, but good one.

Well, last night at 10PM Paul and I went for a walk.
Yes- at 10 PM. My Blood Pressure meds don't mix well with the sun, so I am truly turning into a Vampire. Like Edward. Only I don't Glitter in the Sun...I BURN like a REAL VAMPIRE!
I had been watching Biggest Loser and realized that I hadn't walked the day before. I had slept most of the day.So, since I had made a promise to myself that even on my days off I would walk at least a mile, I asked Paul if he would walk with me...and even tho he had already walked his during the day when he first got up- he went with me.
(He's so sweet like that!) It was really nice walking with him and us just chatting about normal stuff.

Paul and me and Frank, my son, went to scope out prices on a new water heater. We decided on a 30 gallon instead of the 19 gallon we have now. OMG- to be able to take a shower that lasts more than 5 minutes will be so NICE and I can't wait til in the morning to go get it!!! I probably won't be getting much sleep tomorrow- but that's okay. I don't mind.

The pollen is horrible here this year. We have a dark green car, but looking out the window this morning, it looks Pollen Green....and the pollen is about an 1/8th of an inch think on it too. Paul got out yesterday and finished mowing the lawn......he did the back yard a couple days ago. It really looks good.

I called about my wedding gown yesterday and it STILL hasn't sold yet. You would think a $2900.oo wedding gown would sell for $350.oo quite quickly. Eh- Oh well. Maybe I'll just go claim it back at the end of the consignment agreement and save it for one of my two little adopted Grand-daughters to get married in. Or maybe I should just give it away.
I dunno.

At any rate........................does anyone know a way to keep my cat OUT of my houseplants sleeping?
Lucy has taken up sleeping on the Peace Lily that was one of the plants someone sent when my dad passed and I cannot KEEP her out of it!
It's almost ruined beyond redemption at this point.
And I KNOW once she ruins it the one I have from Clay's will be next and I would have to cut her tail off right behind her ears if that happens....Dad's is bad enough.
If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know!!! The life you save will be her own. ;-P

And on that note...I'm off to get ready to go to work in a few.
Y'all have a good day!!


Scratch the hostile fay said...

Most of the time, a "hint" is enough to suffice.

You can

A) squirt the cat with a watergun whenever you see it in your plants (Sounds cruel, but if cat is smart, it'll only happen a couple of times)

B) get some of that stuff you sprinkle on your plants to make it not so attractive to anything that is non-human (Try some place like Petco; they're likely to have some "cat-away".)

C) put the plants out of reach. This may involve shutting them up in a separate room.

D) give up the plants as lost causes (or give them away, period)

E) get one of those "chia pet" cat grass planters.... kitty will munch on that instead (that's what it's designed for...)

I'm not going to suggest you give up the cat.. some people get touchy about that sort of thing...but the idea is there...

Hope that helps


Marie Green said...

The water gun trick was my suggestion too. It's very effective. Our kitten is OBSESSED with going outside (or at least trying to). Since we live in a busy street, and I don't want her to get hit by a car, we started spraying her in the face when she tried to dart out. She doesn't even try anymore.

If you find your cat sleeping here, spray her in the face. Keep the spray bottle near the plant, so that anytime the cat even SNIFFS it, spray.

(I know it's a bit mean, but water doesn't actually HURT... just annoys them.)

Good luck!

Marie Green said...

Ha, ha, only we use a spray bottle not a water gun. Too leaky/drippy!