Thursday, April 01, 2010

Two Peas.......

Today I realized that my hubby and I are alike in yet another way. He hasn't had a chance to get out much and make any new friends since he moved here, due to our weird schedules and everything else thrown into the mix.
Well, today he and I got into a tiff about some odd thing- and so while he went on his daily hour long walk, I decided to take the trash off to the re-cycling center and stop to buy some trash can liners and cat food. I thought I would take my time doing it, maybe just spend some time away from the house so we both could calm down a bit.
Well, I got the cat food and liners....but then I realized altho I have a TON of people I consider my friends, I don't actually have anyone I can go just drop by and visit with for a while.

I can't really visit Julie right now- she's in bed with dental problems and she lives about 40 miles away too which makes it a bit cost prohibitive with us having to get the water heater replaced in the next week or so and even if she was feeling up to visitors and I had the gas to go down there, she and I work opposite schedules. Frank doesn't have his own place and I don't feel comfortable visiting him where he is living now for several reasons. I love Kathy too, but I don't feel comfortable just dropping by after she's worked at the school all day and just got home. My sister next door has her 4 grandchildren for a while and so that just wouldn't be a good place to visit and have a bit of a chat. My other sister lives about 60 miles away and again- she works dusk til dawn managing a store. My brothers both work long hours and my mom has turned into a jet-setter and is never home and just seems to not have time for any of us kids anymore, and altho I have loads of friends .........they all work strange hours or live miles and miles or even states and states away.

***...LOL_ as I'm writing this I have our TV on the classical music station and I realize there is "sad violin" music playing in the background....No respect, I tell you,I get no respect at ALL!!!***

I'm just as alone here as Paul is........what's the saying......alone in a room full of people?
That's us...two peas in a pod.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


Paulius said...

Yeah, because living less than 200 yards away from your brother and mom, less than ten miles away from your best friend you've known since highschool and countless other people you've known for decades is EXACTLY like living 3500 miles away from EVERYONE you know.

Sunny said...

It doesn't matter how CLOSE they are- if they don't have TIME for you- they aren't THERE, are they?

Never mind.

britishsaffy said...

I'm sorry Sunny, I have to side with Paul here. All girly unity aside, it really isn't the same. I could go weeks without seeing some of my family back home when I know I had the option to turn up on their I don't have that option.

Scratch the hostile fay said...

I guess it IS a little harder on some folks than others, huh?

But what do you do when you don't really want to make friends in real life? Not in an "antisocial" kind of way, because I do interact with people... But we keep to ourselves here. Anyone who is overly "chummy chummy" to me gets a "thanks, but no thanks" in return. Nothing personal; too many bad experiences with people who are friendly when they want something, I guess.

I feel for you two though... Because once you've moved away, you can never really go back, can you? It's just.......weird.

But hopefully you are at least friends with *each other*. Ya better be, you're married!

If it bothers you that much, go find folks on, or something. ;)