Thursday, December 29, 2005

SEVEN THINGS- Tagged By Serendipity!!

Seven things I want to do before I die-
1)lose all the weight I've gained
2)visit another country
3)let my hair grow back out long again
4)have someone throw a huge suprise birthday party for me(and NOT let me find out about it)
5)own my own home
6)be able to quit my job
7)have a picture taken of me that I am actually proud of

Seven things I can't do-
1)read without my glasses
2)drive at night
3)walk past a crooked picture without straightening it
4)listen to rap music for more than twenty seconds at a stretch
5)sit for more than three minutes without talking about something
6)stop my PMS
7)stop eating chocolate- if it's there I HAVE to at least taste it.

Seven things I say most often-
1)I love you Paulius!!!!
2)I wish I didn't have to go to work tonight.....SIGH......
3)I don't THINK so!
5)But I WANT to!
6)Why NOT?
7) DAMMITT!!!!!Where the bloody HELL are my f-ing KEYS NOW?????

Seven books I love-
1)The Harvester
2)A Woman Of Substance
3)Rage of Angels
4)Harry Potter Series
5)Highland Warrior
6)"Key of" series by Nora Roberts
7)"The Cat Who" series by Lillian Jackson-Braun

Seven movies I can watch over and over-
1)Dirty Dancing
2)The Full Monty
3)Harry Potter
4)White Christmas
5) Home Alone
6)It's a Wonderful Life
7)Toy Story

Seven TV shows I love-
2)Wheel Of Fortune
4)Who Wants to Be A Millionaire
5)Fear Factor
6) CSI-Las Vegas

Seven places I've been-
1)Charleston SC
3)Leesburg Virginia
4)Cinncinatti Ohio
5)Detroit Michigan
6)Ashville NC
7)Pensocola Florida

Seven people I would have loved to have met-
1)Amelia Earheart
2)Mark Twain
3)John Candy
4)My great-great grandmother-Lilli Texanna McCall
5)Marilyn Monroe
6) Jackie O

It's Broken- We Have To Take It Back.

My grandson, Devon, took some of his Christmas money and bought himself a Yo-yo.

He took it home, put the string on his finger and let it drop to the floor. He stood with his hand out looking at it as it rolled to a stop and declared,"It's broke. It doesn't work- we have to take it back."

I just think it needed new batteries.
Paulius says he just needed to update the drivers on it.



Only a week until we find out what the new baby my son, Frank, and DIL, Marie, are having will be.

It's a win-win situation for me, tho. If it's a boy- I get to name it-(Nicholas Braydon)- and if it's a girl- I get the grandaughter I want. Three grandsons with guns and footballs and video-games and GI Joes are great- but I want lacy socks and tea parties now.

If Marie gives me that granddaughter- I am getting her an opal necklace.(She LOVES opals).
If not, then my other son, Clayton, and his wife Kathy will have kids someday. They haven't been married but a bit over a year now and they are both very career-minded right now so we don't think they will have kids for a few more years, yet.

They could suprise us tho.


I can't wait til this weekend- Paulius and I are trying to keep it low-key this weekend. I am exhausted and need some R&R.


I will be so glad when the Super Bowl teams are decided! Are the Panthers still a contender? With my work schedule I haven't been able to keep up like I normally do.


I kinda like this new format I am using to blog. It's more like the way I think....sort of chaotic and all over the place.

Any thoughts on it?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Getting a A Grip on Gaming........And A NYR I Can Keep!

Whine, Whine, Whine.

People whining about gamers......

"I just don't understand about the gaming. It seems more addictive than crack cocaine...."


You know- I know a LOT about addictions- and if my husband is going to have an "addiction" or a "vice"- I would choose gaming ANYDAY over any of the others he could have.

Even if he games for 8 hours plus a day......

Just because other people don't do it seems to make it a BAD thing to them.

They need to just get a grip and leave us alone.


Speaking of gaming- Can any of you HARDCORE gamers give me a review of Gun?

I game for example: I played ZELDA-Ocarina of Time- just until I could get into the fishing pond. That's where I go now as soon as I turn the game on. I stay there a couple hours fishing. It's something to do that is relaxing to me and has a competition to it without having to do something that is a mission that will make me more frustrated and tense.

With that in mind- can y'all recommend another game that will relax me in the same manner?

I also like 007 games for the actual missions- you know for REAL fun but not relaxation.

Any comments will be most appreciated.


Have you thought of any New Years Resolutions?

I have, and it's very simple.

I resolve to try and live a more healthy and simple lifestyle in the coming year.

No unrealistic resolutions like I will become Barbie this year.
Just a simple promise to myself to try and do better.

That's all I can do anyway.

Speaking of which- I'm tired- I'm going to start my resolution early this year and go on to bed now.

Nighty- Night!

Friday, December 23, 2005


Thanks, Pete- I realized I had neglected to say what I would do after I posted.

The FIRST thing I would do is quit my thankless boring job.

Then I would have a three week party with my family and friends.
And I would make a LOT of love with my husband. I would leave this world living life and loving it and all it had to offer and had given me.

That's it.

Why am I not doing it now?


Life goes on- until it doesn't anymore.

A New Personal Record....

Just to let yall know- this is the 5th post today..............

I certainly don't have writers block- or writers clog- or writers constipation either.


And In Conclusion........

I won't be posting again until after Christmas Day is over- so much to do until then. I WILL be taking short breaks to read your blog posts and responses to my questions- if y'all have time to do answer them yourselves.


So I just wanted to say...................



Second Question.........

And now that you know what you would do if you thought you only had three weeks to live........

WHY aren't you doing those things NOW?

How do you KNOW that you DON"T have but three weeks to live? Or less?

These are things that keep me awake at night sometimes.............

Two Questions......

Actually, it's one question now- and one later........

Have you saw the trailer for the new Queen Latifa movie asking "What would you do if you thought you only had three weeks to live?"?

She quits her job, goes to Monte Carlo, goes Base-Jumping, Goes Skiing, - basicly does all the things she wants to do before she dies.

That's Question #1- What would YOU do if you thought you had only three weeks to live?

Think about it.

Question # 2 later.........................

And You Thought MC Etcher Was Bad......

Okay- I thought I would PROVE to MC he isn't alone with his......insanity.

I work at night- alone- no video equipment spying so I can pretty much do alot of nutty stuff and get by with it as long as my work is done on time.

I have all the automatic timed doors and elevator times down to a science on opening and closing- so I pretty much spend the whole night walking around and doing the Jedi Mind-Trick on all the doors and elevators. (I would LOVE to be able to do that in real life. That would just be THE BOMB!!)

Trouble is- last night I did it on my office chair in the reception area as I came back from a tour of the facilities- and it moved about an inch- and I was a good twenty feet away from it.

It's not near a door or a draft- so unless we had a small undetectable earthquake- something else was going on.

Can it be that practicing so much has actually increased my psychic powers?

GOD I HOPE SO!!! I could have ALOT of fun with THAT power!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Wealthy Widower.

That's what Paulius almost became yesterday.
Let me explain............

Because of the line of work I am in I have a substantial amount of life insurance taken out on me- I figure if my Paulius loves me enough to have moved all this way away from everything he knows, not to mention away from all his family, if anything happens to me I want him taken care of.....WELL taken care of for quite a few years. So here I was, driving along home from work, minding my own business, went over the crest of a hill and the traffic was at a dead standstill because of the utilities trucks repairing the lines.

No problem for me-I was going a normal 10 miles an hour from a red light before the hill..... However, the huge dump-truck that came barreling over the crest of the hill doing 40 MPH trying to beat the red light about 30 seconds behind me was a totally different story. Seems it takes a LOT more time and distance than the 30 feet or so he had to stop a dump-truck than a little Ford Aspire like I have. He crested the hill as I was looking in my rear-view mirror and all I could think is "OH F--K........" He applied brakes and shifted hard to the right, I cut my wheel left sharp and quickly pulled forward the 18 inches I had allowed between me and the car in front of me.

He missed my back bumper by MAYBE two inches -(the wind off it rocked me AND the car in front of me)-and came to stop about 20 feet in front of me on the other side of the road. If by some chance he hadn't missed me- I would have been a dead duck. Literally.

Paulius and I had been fussing when I left for work the night before and I came so close to not being able to say what an idiot I am and being stupid for bitching about the small stuff.

It just goes to show- you never know when your time may come- don't let a day go by that you don't tell your loved ones how MUCH you love them.

And don't sweat the small stuff- and when something like that almost happens- you realize for sure- IT'S ALL SMALL STUFF!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Next Year.......

it'll be different.

I swear.

I am NOT having a good week- no- make that MONTH.

Just to not have to go into details-(I know you guys are busy this week)

Ice storm-
Not got all shopping done-
Missed two days work due to ice storm- therefore may not have FUNDS to make all bills this week- or finish shopping-
Auntie Flo is supposed to visit any day- and is LATE. Either way makes it SUCK.

Next year- ALL shopping will be FINISHED by Thanksgiving Day. No ifs, ands, or buts.

I hate this.

Maybe I'm just feeling this way because I'm missing my dad. I just haven't been able to get it together this year to take care of all these usually fun things. I haven't felt like shopping, I haven't felt like baking- I haven't felt like decorating much either. I want to- but it just seems that everything has went wrong this holiday time.

I have faith it will be better next year, tho.
I just have to actually believe it and make it happen.

Monday, December 12, 2005

This Years Title.....

If I had to describe my life this year in a title- It would be something like.....

"Do I Really Want To Get Up This Morning- Or What's The Deal For Today?

The Story Of My Life In 2005"

By Sunny M.

On the upside- it's almost over...........

This Year- Not my Life.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Feeling a BIT better....Except for the Fat Lip and Sprained Wrist.

Yeah- I do. Only a bit of a sore throat this morning.....
and a busted lip-
and a mildly sprained wrist,
and a skinned knee.
(I had forgotten how much those HURT.)

See, I had a bit of an accident at work last night......well, more like this morning very early.

I went to work doing a bit of field work at the hospital last night at midnight. I told my boss that if he was going to send someone home at 0600 ,as is his habit sometimes, I wanted to volunteer as I wasn't feeling quite up to par, still.

So him being the nice guy he is, let me clock out at about 0630 after the second Lifereach Helicopter had taken back off. I clocked out, then headed up the main entrance drive to go to my car when a car came DOWN the drive and flashed it's high-beams directly into my eyes. I am night-blind anyway- and that just completely disoriented me and I turned my head quickly, got dizzy and almost passed out. At the same time I realized that being dressed in black (Our uniform trenchcoat color) was not a good thing and knew the car might not be able to see me in the drive as it came round the corner again, so I tried to step onto the grassy part of the drive so if I did pass out completely I wouldn't be laying in the middle of the road looking like a lump of tar-paper and get ran over. However, I was sufficently disoriented enough to have completely forgotten about the new curbing they had installed since I was there last week and caught my boot on it and fell flat on my face and wrist.

Luckily, I fell far enough onto the grassy part that the car missed me as it came round the second curve of the drive. They didn't even see me there in the grass.

I lay there stunned for a minute or so, and then slowly got up, feeling my fat lip, checking for loose teeth, flowing blood and flexing my wrist to see if I needed to go to the Emergency Room. Luckily, I wasn't that badly hurt and rather than report it to my supervisor, (I was off the clock, after all) and have to stay and write up an hours report AND go for a required exam in the ER to make sure I was okay,(taking at least three hours- remember we had just had TWO helicopters come in and another was due any minute), I just dusted myself off and highed myself on home.

I came in, went to sleep and am a bit sore, but much less worse for wear than I thought I might be.

Next time, I think, instead of walking I'll wait on the Mobile Officer to come give me a ride to my car. Knowing me I'll probally trip on a shoelace and fall out of the mobile van onto my face on the asphalt parking lot, tho.

Some days it just doesn't pay to get up early.

And how was YOUR day?????

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Need Chicken Soup.

I probally won't be posting for a few days.

I don't feel well. Like Paulius, I have the grandmother of headaches- have had it for about 5 days now- and I have a fever and ache all over. I hope it's not the flu. I got a flu shot this year- about a week ago- but you are still able to catch a full blown case of the flu for about three weeks after recieving the vaccination.

I just wanna be babied, but with my Paulius not feeling well either , there is no one here to baby me. He doesn't like to be bothered when he's sick, which I fully understand. Different strokes for different folks.

I want some chicken soup- And my ragdoll I have had since I was 6 years old.

Did you have a favorite doll or stuffed animal or toy that you had to have when you were not feeling well when you were small? My grandmother made my ragdoll whom I named Rhonda.

She will be turning 39 years old on Christmas Day. And I still drag her around when I don't feel well. (It's my "inner-child" crying out for attention-I also have footy PJs.) I just can't get to her right now because she is in the closet in the room where Paulius is trying to rest.

To be honest- He probally wouldn't mind me going in there and looking for her, but I feel so horrible I really can't be bothered.


I'll just lie here on the couch and die a slow and agonizingly tortuous death from this bug I have picked up.........sigh.................................................all alone..........except for the cat who will laugh at me as I weakly call for help with my last breath................sigh..................

Later All..............
The Drama Queen

(Lois- I'm learning. Soon I may actually BE the DQ that she thought I was, but until then- practice makes perfect!)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How I Did It.

Okay- since you asked here it is.

A few years back I went to my doctor and found out I have high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat and I needed to lose weight too- a significant amount of weight to take the strain off my heart and I needed to de-stress.
I asked him about giving me either a specific diet to follow or a pill to help with my energy level.
He told me NO PILLS. He did give me a very easy diet to follow- and I DID and it WORKED.

Here is the diet.....

No Sugar(weight)
No pork-(BP)
Minimum Starches
Eat all the fruits and veggies I want- especially raw veggies and fruits.
Limit red meat-no more than 3 times a week.
Drink at least 8-8oz glasses of water a day.
No caffeine.

That's it.
I followed it and was walking up and down 5 flights of stairs three times a day doing my job as a courier supervisor. And I LOST the weight. It stayed off for three years and then slowly I have gained a significant amount back.
Not all of it-THANK GOD!!- At that time I weighed 267.

I actually lost down to 145 before I started gaining it back- but the 67 pounds in the 4 months was GREAT and faster than I ever dreamed. It seems that the more you have to lose- the quicker you have a significant loss.

So now I find myself again overweight, stressed, and with my heart skipping beats again occasionally, so I figure- it worked once...... And yes, I went to the doctor a couple or so months ago and he fussed at me about gaining again and warned me about the implications of not following his advice. So I have his okay to go for it again.

Anyway- That's how I did it.

And how I will do it AGAIN!!!!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

The Little Engine That COULD!!!!!

Well, I did very well last night.

Drank only water except for one small cup of coffee- you know, those small styrofoam cups that are practically non-existant? And I only had one packet of non-dairy creamer with it and NO sugar.

Today I had a few baked fries and then went to sleep.

My doctor put me on a strict diet a few years back and it combined with all the stair-climbing I was doing at that time with my job, I lost a grand total of 67 pounds in 4 months. It was amazing! And it was doctor supervised.

So I am going back to that diet and combining it with the once a week treat of a cup of Irish Creme Coffee as a reward for staying on track. Maybe once a month I'll go OUT to eat too. MAYBE.

I don't see why it won't work now too.

And I have this sexy little pink bikini that I wanna be in and looking GOOD by this summer anyway.

I can do it, I can do it, ! I can do it......!!!!!
I think I can, I think I can....Just call me Choo-Choo.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

That does it-

After all that walking and climbing stairs and sweating at work for the past two months- I gained 8-yes EIGHT- pounds (of the 20 I had lost during the 2 months) back over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Midnight tonight I am going back on the diet full speed ahead.

This really sux.




Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pulling A Monica......?

Well, here I am again, Sunday(oops- Saturday) morning, waiting for everyone else to get up so I have someone to talk to/annoy...whatever.

I got up fully intending to clean the kitchen properly. You know- wipe all the cabinets, clean the stove and oven. Wipe out the fridge, vacuum the floor and wipe everything down. Then make a big breakfast and a pot of coffee and enjoy the rest of the day.

Well, I got up, cleared out the sink and then started on the stove. I got it done- all vacuumed out and sprayed down and wiped up. Clean as a whistle and smells divine!! Then I vacuumed the floor. I had done that last night but when you wipe out the cabinets and clean the stove you HAVE to vacuum and sweep again. Right?

I also am trying to put off doing the dishes as long as I possibly can. I HATE doing the dishes. I have a dishwasher- but alas, it seems to have gone bad on me. I can rinse the dishes, put them in the DW, turn it on, and when it's finished the dishes are worse than when they went in. Seriously. I tried cleaning the filter and the hoses and everything- Changed the detergent I was using in it and nothing helped. So I just wash the dishes by hand now. And as I said- I DETEST doing that job.
Paulius tried to wash them on many occasions, but it's one job I am absolutely ANAL about. I have to have a sinkful of HOT sudsy water to wash them in, and cold running water to rinse them in so they come out all sparkling clean. I can't rinse them in a sinkful of water- it has to be running water. I got food poisoning once and ever since I have been like that about kitchens and dishes. I also have a certificate in Culinary Arts and that was a whole quarter of book-learning; food poisoning, bacteria, all sorts of gross stuff that STUCK in my mind. I also had a bad experience with someone- (not Paulius)- who washed a glass with DAWN dish detergent on a dishcloth instead of in a sink of water and didn't rinse it properly. They poured me a glass of Pepsi and the tiny bit of detergent not rinsed off went in my mouth and down my tummy and I swear I was sick as a dog for four days. I couldn't eat- couldn't drink- and I tasted that stuff constantly for a month after that! So, yeah- I'll admit I'm anal about how my dishes are done.

And, yeah, I'm doing this so I can put it off for another 30 minutes or so.
(Aren't I the wily one?)

Another thing I am abit strange about is bed-making. I have to have the sheets straight. They have to be even all around. They have to be tucked at the bottom and they HAVE to have ALL the wrinkles smoothed out before the rest of the bedclothes go on the bed. There is a perfectly VALID explanation for this behavior tho. I must be a princess. If there is even ONE SINGLE wrinkle in the sheets, I have to get up(and make Paulius get up too) and smooth them out. They HURT me. Seriously- I am NOT joking. If I sleep on a wrinkled sheet- I wake up feeling like I have been sleeping on a field of sticks and stones all night. I have actually gotten a bruise a couple times where I lay in a wrinkled blanket when I was taking a nap.
I'm not a bit finicky about making the bed every morning as soon as we get up tho. I DO have to make it up all neat before I go back to bed, however.

I have a thing about ashtrays, as well. I rarely smoke- and if I do- I don't mind emptying the ashtrays. But if I am not smoking, I don't feel it's MY place to empty them. And for God's sake, don't leave them laying on the arm of a chair to be knocked off. Put them on a table-AFTER you empty them, of course. Nobody wants to smell a stale ashtray. Not even smokers.

In my house, if you trim your beard and/or mustache in the sink or if you shave- how about wiping the counter and sink out? And if you are a female and you shave your legs- or other parts- rinse the damn tub out! I don't wanna have to clean up your coochie and/or leg hair from my bathroom.

I love that my Paulius helps out around the house. I've never had anyone besides my boys do that.(I raised them so they could cook and clean by the time they were 8 years old- and their wives THANK me for it) I think the best part of him helping out is the time we spend together when we do the chores together, tho. It makes time go by so much faster and then we have time for other FUN things. Pulling a Monica isn't always a BAD thing.


Thursday, December 01, 2005


How the heck are we supposed to lose weight in our society?

Have you tried lately?

I walk up and down 19 flights of steps every night- plus a quarter mile hike four times a night as well when I am working.

I have lost a grand total of 17 lbs since I went to work there two months ago. It should have been more.

I try to eat healthily. I bake my fries- I usually broil or bake meats- I DO have a sweet tooth- but even with that I try to limit how much I indulge(only time I REALLY give in is a couple days before Aunt Flo visits- minimal damage).

But to try and eat in public is hopeless.

Order at a restaurant and you get enough food for two people. I know you can eat half and take the rest home- or leave it on the plate...but WHY? I don't like warmed over food from a restaurant. I also don't like to waste food when there are so many people starving in the world- and besides- I don't wanna pay 12 bucks for a half serving of food and leave the rest either. I work too hard for my money to waste it like that. And we could share a plate- but Paulius and I don't always want the same thing to eat when we go out- he tends to like spicy foods and I go for a more bland type food- I have an ulcer and spicy foods double me over when I eat them.

Why the hell can't the food industry just serve NORMAL portions and decrease the price a bit?
Everyone would be happier,(except maybe the 600 lb people who think all that food is GOOD for them and would absolutely STARVE if they weren't served enough to feed a small nation at every meal), not to mention healthier. Even if they DIDN'T decrease the price- it would still be better for us because a) we wouldn't be eating those mega portions and all the fat and calories that go with them and b) we wouldn't eat out as much because it would be so expensive to do so,(which is exactly the reason that they don't want to do the sensible thing like normal prices and portions-everything has to be bigger and better than the competetions).

I can't even watch TV anymore without being bombarded with commercial after commercial after COMMERCIAL about food- every where I look its there- and turning the sound down doesn't help either- I can still see the cheese oozing all hot and steaming from the pizza slice as it's served up. I can still see the creamy chocolate dripping from the spoon as the ice cream sundae is gobbled up. I can still see the blissful expressions on the faces of the people eating the stuff too- and even tho I know they are actors- they are DAMN GOOD actors because I honestly want to run out and get some of the creamy, chewy, owwey gooey goodness they are having while I'm watching.

Looks like I am going to have to give up watching TV at ALL and give up going out to eat at all as well to be healthy again.

And sodas- Why in the world do they sell those things in twenty oz bottles? First they sold the little 7 oz bottles which were PERFECT for a person- Just enough unless you were DYING of thirst and then you were better off drinking water to satisfy your thirst. Then they upped the dosage to 10 ozs. a bit more- but still okay. Then it went to 12 ozs. Too much. I have a can of soda and a third of it is usually left and wasted. Can't cap it- it's a can. Looses the fizz and tastes like CRAP. ...Then the 16 oz came along. And the 20 oz.....GREAT- for two people- but if you are single- or driving along alone- who needs it? 16 ozs is enough for 2 and a HALF servings. No wonder we are so freaking FAT in this nation. They began making those little 10 oz bottles again for a while- but finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack- not everywhere will stock them. The two litres are fine if you are a family of six and the three litres are fine if you are having a party. But for normal people it's just TOO MUCH!! But we are tempted by the more is less pricing.

It just ALL pisses me off.

And now I have a headache to boot.

Dammitt. I can't win.