Saturday, August 14, 2010

Damned Insomnia.

So here it is...5AM, and I'm still here wide awake. I surfed the web a while, I watched TV a while I took something to make me relax and went to bed for an hour.......and nuthin'.

I got a blood sugar drop so I got up- went into the kitchen and ate a bit of my leftover dinner and then contemplated baking a cake. I got the stuff out now getting ready for baking but I don't know that will happen til later in the morning.

We got a load of stuff to do this morning- regardless of how much I do or don't sleep- and regardless of whether or not we feel like doing it. Taking the full trash bags to the recycling center in the summer is a MUST DO chore- you wait- you got big, bad STINKY problems that can last you WEEKS! So no can be a slacker on that one. We also HAVE to go get groceries. NO FOOD is NOT an option. Same for getting cat food and kitty litter. No is not an option for either of those things either.

Also, I have to go get some Estro-Blend from Wal-Mart. I ran out about three weeks ago and haven't replenished my supply- and the hot flashes are SO back!! I swear that stuff is a miracle pill.

Sooo...... Now I'm just sitting here, as Hubbys Tee Shirt says....Busy Being Bored.

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Odie Langley said...

My wife and I just got back from town. Got my hair cut and did the grocery thing. Our favorite chicken part is the wing so we found a large bag of them on sale. I cut them into the two pieces minus the tip and put all into a gal. size zip lock bag and fill it up with soy sauce and let it marianate for a few hours and then back them. Has a great chinese flavor and is sooooo easy. Do hope you feeling some better and can enjoy this weekend.