Saturday, August 21, 2010


Laughing My Butt Off at Paul's recording on our Podcast site...

Placing the blame for no podcast this week SQUARELY on my shoulders!!!

No Soup For Paul!!!! Come Back- ONE YEAR!!!!!! LOL...Too Funny!!!!!

No- he really is sick- as you can hear from his voice- and altho I think his voice is still sexy, The coughing and sneezing and such...not so much. And I'm still coughing as well, so it IS best that we not try and do it this week....even if we felt better, I have to work the rest of the weekend, too.

Ugh- I'm SOOOOO ready for this week to be OVER, Already!!!

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Odie Langley said...

I feel for you Sunny but unfortunately from experience it takes a cough a long time to finally leave you. I used to get so tired of sucking on cough drops and feeling like it would never go away. Hopefully your's will be over soon. Have a great night.