Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Paul introduced me to the game Munchkin last year. I loved it.

Last evening, he introduced me to Magic-The Game. I LOVE it!!

Gateway Drug(I mean GAME) to D & D, perhaps?
I hope so. I really enjoy being introduced to my husbands interests and finding out I LIKE, (or LOVE), them as well!!

And speaking of ........


I'm really looking forward to recording our podcast this week. I got to choose the subject- and luckily I came up with a topic that Paul had already been thinking about doing for a while.
(Great minds and all that rubbish....)

I have LOTS of questions and I'm sure he can educate me.....er....us, I mean.


Went to Greenwood yesterday and got my teefers relined. It was great- but....(you KNEW they'd be a BUT didn't you?)......now the lip of the denture that rides along my upper palate has rubbed a blister there. O-U-C-H.

So Friday it will be back down there to get them fixed and get my second set made.
They didn't want to make them for me til I asked for a partial refund...and then they changed their minds about my need for them. Good.


Is it my imagination- or is it starting to,if not cool down a bit in temps, then maybe the humidity is going down a bit?
I mean, I have gone out several times in the ...GULP....SUNLIGHT over the past couple days and I can BREATHE without it searing my lungs!!! OMG- OMG!!! Autumn is on the way- I just KNOW it!!!!!!!!!


Man I tell you, this has been a roller-coaster of a month for me.
I'm either crying my eyes out, or I'm laughing like a maniac.


Is there no Middle Ground?

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Odie Langley said...

It is so good to read your blog today that tells me you are having a good week for a change after all that illness. Enjoy it while you can girl. It felt so good this morning when I stepped out of the house and the temp was about 60. I love it.