Friday, August 13, 2010

Sick as a DOG.

Where did that phrase originate, I wonder???

Anyway, all week long I've been sick...with what I'm not sure. It started last weekend with a stomach bug I got from someone at work...or's been making the rounds. Rainbows- but no Flowers Thank GOD!!!!....(Thanks AA!!!)
Then Monday morning I started coughing and sneezing. And I haven't stopped. I've felt so tired I can barely keep my eyes open at work, I haven't felt like walking at all-altho I did manage to do just over a mile extra during the two days I worked and could have logged more than that but they kept me hopping there too all night long...figures. The times I do NOT feel like working is when I am especially busy at work.

Anyway, I've been sleeping the sleep of the dead all week long too- and when I wake up- I STILL feel like eating, drinking a bit and then going right back to bed again.
Paul and I are recording our podcast tonight and I'll probably sound like HELL.....
But unless he does it solo this week -which he wont- cause I really am LIKING doing it- altho I had my doubts at know how shy and retiring I am, and all......

Anyway.......I hope I'm over this- whatever it is- by Monday.

I hate being sick.

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Odie Langley said...

Yes Sunny being sick really sucks and I think it's worse when it is so hot. Usually has to run it's course and that usually means a week to 10 days. I do hope you can enjoy some of your weekend. Hang in there girl.