Sunday, August 08, 2010

This Week...Day 1 SUX So Far

Okay, so this week not starting out not so great and it's only day one.

Last night I was throwing up since about of the patients relatives had a stomach bug and she was spreading the effing joy. Lucky me- I seem to be the one who caught it even tho I was around her the least of any staff member.

As a result- my throat is now so raw I can barely swallow.

When I got home, the cats seemed to REVEL in making, not a LOT of noise, but what noise they did make was in close proximity to where I was trying to sleep......also we have some stupid little gnats we cant get rid of in the house and they enjoyed buzzing around/up my nostrils all morning/afternoon as well.

I finally gave up even TRYING to sleep and got the hell up.

I thought maybe eating a bite would put me in a better mood- but no. Not so much.

I'm in need of several things at the moment...I need the cats to leave me alone so I can sleep- not that it matters much now cause I gotta head off to work in about 30 minutes. I need a nice stiff drink-or three. I need a cigarette...or a pack. And I need another vacation. And not exactly in that order.

At least my hubby was sweet and was trying to keep things quiet for me. He's my silver lining in this black cloud of a day.

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Odie Langley said...

Hi Sunny,
So sorry that you have that bad bug and even worse have to work while feeling that bad. Also it usually takes the better part of a week to get fully over one of these episodes. Hang in there girl and think good thoughts.