Sunday, August 15, 2010


Three years ago I posted this after answering these questions. So I'm gonna do it again. today......My how time changes some things.

* What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?
I was working as a Receptionist/Specialist at Lockheed Martin Employees Benefits Building..(ie- I was Security Receptionist there)

* What Was I doing 1 Year Ago?
I was doing about the same thing I am now- wondering how the hell I was going to get my Christmas shopping done on time with everything that was going on!!!

* What Was I Doing Yesterday?
I was trying to get a bit more enthusiastic about doing a podcast after being sick for a week. Little did i know it was going to be the most fun of the ones we have done so far!!

* 5 Snacks I Enjoy
1-snow cream
2-pound cake
3-Subway Oven Roast Chicken Sammiches- toasted, with provolone cheese, Lettuce, olives, Parmesan, & lite mayo. I could eat those every single DAY!!!!
4-baked chips

*5 things I Would Do If I Won 100 Million Dollars
1-get my debt paid up and my credit straight
2-buy a car
3-buy a moderate house with a pool
4-Help my kids out a bit
5-set up a fund and build a homeless shelter with a kitchen

*5 Locations I Would Like To Run Off To
2-the Bahamas
3-Great Britain
4-A remote cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains
5-A remote deserted Island with all the amenities

*5 Bad Habits I Have
1-telling people to shut up...I've never liked that phrase but find myself saying it when I'm extremely frustrated now
2-emotional/stress eating
3-apologizing for laughing..I have no idea why.
4-expecting the best of people/trusting too much
5-thinking before speaking.

*5 Things I Like Doing
1-taking long rides in the car
4-cuddling & talking with my hubby
5-taking pics and playing on PICASA

*5 TV Shows I Like
1-Army Wives
2-True Blood
4-Biggest Loser
5-DEXTER(on Showtime)

*5 Things I Hate
1-loud engines revving,lawn-mowers and loud music when I'm trying to sleep
2-couples arguing in public
3-parents who don't discipline their kids
4-bad table manners
5-having a migraine

*5 Biggest Joys Of The Moment
1-Looking forward to my first visit EVER out of the USA!!!!
2-having a very supportive and understanding husband who loves me and isn't afraid to show me.
3-Having a job
4-Having lost 50 lbs and still losing!!
5-having good friends who listen-(I have the BEST friends ever!!)

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Odie Langley said...

Here goes Sunny...
1. Living a miserable life with my first wife
2. Getting over a long period of illness with my new wife.
3. Relaxing & goin to see "Salt" for the second time.
4. Cheese, fruit, dips, nuts, wine
5. Pay all bills, get a Cadillac, cruise, help kids, help others.
6. Mountains, Tahiti, Hawaii, Alaska, Australia
7. Stress eating, relaxing when stuff needs doing.
8. Travel, eating, cooking, movies, blogging.
9. Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Star Trek TNG, JAG, Paula Deen
10. Loud people, heavy traffic, head lights when it's dark, stop lights, winter.
11. Week with the boss gone, having a loving wife, eating healthier, 2 great grandsons.

Have a great week Sunny.