Monday, August 09, 2010

Home Again

Well, our stolen camera is back home again...finally.

I'm not going into the details again- I just get more and more upset every time I discuss it- but I just wish the person who took it would have just come to us and admitted they had taken it.
But he is still denying he took it.

Deny all he wants- it's our camera- the same model- the same serial number- and I know the EXACT progression of how it came to be where it was.

This is the LAST I have to say about it.
I hope, some day, some way, this person gets his life in order....gets off the drugs and drinking and gets his life right- with his family, his friends, with God... And I hope someday, miracle of miracles will happen and this person will come to us, Man Up, and admit he did wrong and stole from us. Trust is a VERY fragile thing. It takes a lot to regain it once you've lost it- and I am completely shattered by this betrayal.
Of all the people in my life- he is one of the ones I would have trusted with my life- I never thought he would ever steal from me/us.



Odie Langley said...

Sorry that happened to you Sunny and especially by a trusted person. I am particular about my stuff and don't like to lend out or have someone in my home when I am not there. Maybe I should be more trusting but that is me. Hope you can get past it soon so it doesn't bother you too bad.

Evan 08 said...

Pretty unfortunate. Sorry.