Thursday, September 22, 2005

Anyone Have A Spare Chippendales Calendar?

Someone should give Mother Nature a calendar.

I mean, here it is the first day of Autumn- the end of September.......shouldn't we be having some color in the trees now? Shouldn't we be able to open the windows and doors in the evening without having to worry about inducing a heat stroke by doing so? Shouldn't we be NOT having to worry about being eaten alive by those pesky insects that summer gives such abundant life to?

I always SO look forward to Autumn every year. No Air conditioning needed- nor heat needed yet. Lower electric bills for a couple of months before the Holiday Season sets in. Just nice cool days and nice crisp nights just made for snuggling or curling up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot coffe or tea.

But the past few years have seen a nasty trend of not really having a "transition" season. Nope- Summer goes directly into winter 90 degrees one day and 40 degrees the cool colorful days with leaf raking or crisp nights with a bonfire to sit around and tell ghost stories......... And the same at the end of spring with soft breezes and delicate greenery slowly blooming...Just cold one day- HOT the next.

No wonder we all stay so sick and funky feeling all the time. I can't breathe when it's hot. And I am awfully ill-tempered when it's all hot and sticky, too.

Is it wrong I have dreams of enjoying the cool weather a blizzard would bring?
We're all sitting in deck chairs around a huge snowman in the town square drinking huge mugs of coffee and tea and fanning ourselves while we talk about how wonderful it is to have a break from the heat.

I need a break. I hope cool weather comes soon.

To all the gamers out there.....Happy WINTEREENMAS!! It begins today!!


Kato said...


I thought Wintereenmas was in January?

MC Etcher said...

Just think of all the calendars that end up in landfills... Mother Earth gets thousands of calendars a year!

Paulius said...
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Paulius said...

Huh? My bad. I thought Wintereenmas was in the run up to winter. Oh, the shame.

However, the spirit of Wintereenmas dwells in my (and every other gamer's heart) all year round.

I declare a new holiday! Autumn-een-mas!

Sunny said...

Kato- You're right-Paulius was mis-informed about the date.
And Thank you for the article.

McEtcher- but isn't that LAST years calendars in the landfills?

Paulius-I am NOT buying you two zillion games to celebrate wintereenmas AND autumneenmas. One zillion for wintereenmas is quite enough.
NO MORE HOLIDAYS- unless you are going to let me keep a tree up year round and decorate for all these holidays! THEN I'll gladly acknowledge them all.

OzzyC said...

I don't mind it when it's hot, but I hate it when it's sticky.

-A loose quote from "The Chauffer"

Paulius said...

No chance of summereenmas and springeenmas then?