Friday, September 16, 2005

Decisions- decisions.............

Fade to .....Sunny sitting on floor of store holding two cards in her hands. Confused but analytical look on her face as she looks from one to the other- and back again.
Store manager walking to Sunny and putting hand on her shoulder."Ma'm?- The store is closing now- I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. "
Sunny looks confused as she stands and puts the cards back on the rack.
"I can come back tommorrow?" She asks the manager as he leads her to the door?
"Yes, you can!" the manager replies as he reaches to hold the door open for her. "We open at 9AM- Have a good night, now."
Sunny stands a moment, turns and starts to walk away. Then she stops suddenly and hurries back to the door pulling on it and rattling the bells attatched to the inside.
"WAIT!" she cries. "What if someone buys those cards before I get back? I'll have to find other cards. I want THOSE cards!"
The manager , horrified, realizes she is right. He returns hurriedly to the rack, picks up the cards, takes a five from his pocket and drops it in the register.
Then he walks to the door as slides them thru the crack at the bottom.
"Here you go ma'm- Have a nice night."
He turns and walks away leaving Sunny standing in the glow of the streetlight to ponder which stamps would best suit the cards she held in her hands.



Paulius said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

What in the Blue Hell did I marry?

Sunny said...

A Bona-Fide INTERESTING female!

Face it, Sweetness, Life with me will NEVER be Mundane or Boring for I have the imagination of a five year old and it is unfettered by the restrictions,rules,and repessed regulations of adulthood.

I am a free spirit loosed upon an unsuspecting world.


Vicarious Living said...

Wow - and I thought I had a hard time in card shops. No manager has ever essentially paid me to stay away! Always best to buy both; eventually they will be used.

Sunny said...

LMAO- I seriopusly hope you don't think that actually HAPPENED!!

I TOLD y'all I had a very vivid active imagination!!! I have two five year old grandsons and I can have the most amazing conversations with them!

I ALWAYS buy two cards for Birthdays. One sentimental one and one funny one- and send both-because if I DID try and decide between the two- the scene I described would probally be reality instead of my V.A.I.


Lois said...

Do you mean to tell me you got my birthday cards for FREE?!!! I'm so impressed!

To all of Sunny's Readers:
This actually happened ... Sunny sent me an email and told me so. LOL!

Thanks for the cards, Sunny. Perhaps one day (crossing fingers) Paulius will come to fully appreciate you, as he should.

Sunny said...

He DOES appreciate me- just sometimes he doesn't understand my sense of humor. But thats okay- if that's his only flaw- I count myself the luckiest woman alive.

OzzyC said...

I think Cindy is Hallmark's wet dream. My ex subscribes to the "buy both" philosophy, and I still have a drawer full of unused cards. I think the oldest card has been around long enough to qualify as an antique.

MC Etcher said...

I'm glad Cindy's not the only one with Decision Difficulty Disorder...

serendipity said...

It's obviously more common than you think - I do it too!