Saturday, September 10, 2005

Update....and a Request?

Just a quick update....

Nothing has changed here- Dad is still in a decline but fighting it every step of the way.
We have been making arrangements this week- it's going to happen-unless a bona-fide miracle happens.

I look at you guys pages as often as I can- and I have a request....
Could you guys tell me some funny stuff? I don't know about what.....what was the funniest thing you have seen or done this year, maybe? At work- at Play...on a date.....It doesn't matter!

I need to laugh for a few minutes.

Thanks a bunch!
Love yall!


eric j. sherman said...

I stumbled across your blog and I know there are no words, especially from a stranger, that will be of any comfort for what you are going through or will go through in the days and months to come... I just wanted you to know that my heart goes out to you and you are in my prayers.

Lois said...

Hey Girl,
I don't find this particularly funny, but you might ...

Bob took me out for my birthday dinner at the Lebanese restaurant this evening as planned. I was very good and only ate half of my dinner, boxing the rest to bring home to enjoy at another time. Lots of hummus and pita bread leftover, as well as half of my chicken kebab and a pile of feta cheese. Mmmmmmm ...

Anyway, on the drive home, we approached a traffic signal where one side of it wasn't working at the amber stage and Bob didn't notice it as the wind was whipping the light around. He DID notice two police cars at the side of the road so he slammed on the brakes when the light turned red. Of course BOTH sides of the red light were working and were clearly visible.

Can you see it coming?

My lovely leftover dinner went ass over teacup in the backseat, spraying chicken, pita, hummus and feta cheese all over the floor of Bob's car.


Did I mention it was raining like a hurricane? With lightning? We ended up sitting in our driveway for the longest time, savoring the aroma, until we could make a break for the house. Poor Bob had to go back out in the rain to clean out his car. Something tells me it's not going to smell very yummy in the morning.


Hope this brought a chuckle.
Love ya,

Vicarious Living said...

Not sure if you've read the Jennifer Crusie yet; if you've had time or interest?

Regardless, check out her blog and her site. Her latest entry had me laughing out loud!

And keep us updated.
We're thinking about you!

Sunny said...

Lois- Oh GOD!!
Is it wrong that I actualy DO find that a bit amusing?
At LEAST it wasn't YOU that went ass over teacup!

I'm sorry about your leftovers- I've had that happen to me too. It seems that the more you want the leftovers for later- the more likely it is for that to happen to them at some point before making it to the next meal.


Cindy- I have read all you sent except for Splintered Icon.
Thank you, BTW- Those have come in handly at the hospital while sitting with Daddy.

Going to check out the JC site now.

Thanks a million guys!

serendipity said...

Sunny, if you like reading you'll have to give me your address - I have some books you might like :o)