Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Blonde State Of Mind.

I have been catching up on my reading of the blogs today. I actually have a day off and have used very little of it to actually catch up on my rest and sleep as I was planning to do.

I read Serendipity's blog and saw where she had decided to color her hair. Go blonde. I did a similar thing back in February. Only I went RED- and cut my hair which was almost waist length at the time.

I had colored my hair red once before- more of a strawberry blonde actually- and I absolutely loved it!
I was enough of a blonde to be able to blame my ditzy moments on THAT- and enough of a redhead to be able to blame my outbursts of temper on THAT. The best of both worlds.
But alas, my hair wouldn't hold the color and after about three weeks it was completely back to it's original honey blonde.

However, this time the color took wrong and I ended up with a pinkish-burgandy streaked mess. (Maybe the fact the hubby and I were consuming spirits at the time had something to do with the way it took- or DID'T take, rather. Maybe it was the full moon. It could have been any number of things.)
After a few days it faded to a horrible pinkISH-PeachISH color. It took me a hundred and fifty dollars to have that mistake corrected.
I vowed then:
A) Never again would I color my hair anything but my natural color
B)Never would I cut my hair again, except for the occasional trim to keep it healthy.

Now by TRIM I mean no more than a half inch.
Once I went to the salon and requested a "trim" and the stupid woman took of about 6 inches. I avoided the salons until this latest disaster.

My neice is another female who has changed the color of her hair. Tasha had the most beautiful blue-black hair I have ever seen. Soft and full as a silken cloud.
And she decided to go blonde.
I CRIED when I saw her hair. It was a reddish-copper color and had the texture of straw. It took her a year to decide to grow it out. By that time she had come to her senses and decided to return it to her original color.
Thank God.

My daughter, Julie,on the other hand, has always been a honey blonde. She got a wild hair and decided to go a few shades darker- to an almost ash blonde- and when I say ASH- I mean cigarette-ash blonde. I just couldn't get used to it.Her hair color made her look older than me. Luckily she let that wash out and went back to her original color too.

I understand the need for SOME women to change from a churchmouse brown. Or from a dishwater blonde. Or from a grey templed color.
But I don't understand how someone with a beautiful color can want to change it so drasticly.

Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.
I do know that my personality changed drasticly when my hair color did. When it was the strawberry blonde I loved- I became less ditzy- and more agressive. I had more confidence to say what was on my mind. When I went the OH-SO-WRONG RED, I was absolutely a basketcase. I was unsure of myself and undecided about everything. It was as if my whole sense of self was somehow connected to my hair color.
I am by no means that vain- or shallow. I have a sense of self-confidence that would allow me to do ANYTHING I put my mind to. And I do mean ANYTHING.- But when that happened, I had to take a step back and re-examine what made me who I was.I just couldn't understand why I was acting like that.

Does our looks make that big a difference in our outlook on our lives and the control we have in our lives- not to mention our confidence level?

Anyway- I am glad Ser has made a change in her life. I sense that she will return to her natural color after a few weeks tho.
Regardless of what people say- Blondes don't nessecarily have more fun. It's a state of mind.....not hair color.


Anonymous said...

Hi girl! So glad to see you posting again, thank goodness you got a new computer. Where are you and Paul planning to move?

It's so true that hair color (and appearance in general) can have a drastic effect on our state of mind, how we see ourselves, and how others perceive us as well. But you're a winner no matter what color the hair!

Glad you're back on line.

Hugs...I'm so sorry your dad's not doing well.

Terry the Topcat

serendipity said...

Hey Sunny - glad to have you back! I might nbot have been posting much but I have been reading and waiting for updates.

You might be right about me returning to my natural colour but I have to get bored of this one first.

The thing is when your mother is a hairdresser you can swop and change colours and styles as often as you would like and it costs nothing!

So far I quite like the blonde - i'm by no means fully blonde (yet) but when I get that was i'll no doubt get bored and go for a different colour - maybe red!