Thursday, September 15, 2005

Okay- Okay!!!! Here's the Answer!!

Due to the deluge of mail and responses by all the people who read my blog and ask the question...
"How did you get back in the damn building? You left us hanging!"
(Hehehehehe- My evil Plan WORKED! Always leave them wanting more- or at least wondering what the hell I was on about!!)

I will tell you.

I patiently waited outside the front entrance for the remaining time I had there so if anyone happened to come by I looked as tho thats where I was supposed to be and doing what I WAS supposed to be doing-which I WAS- just from outside instead of inside. Then at quitting time I radioed on the two-way for the mobile officer to be 10-5(enroute) to my 10-20(location) for a 10-14(escort) back to base.

No one was the wiser.
Until now.


Lois said...

I just KNEW you'd make the best of that situation!

Yay Sunny! :)

BTW ... your secret is safe with us.

MC Etcher said...

Ah, radio codes. I kinda miss radio work...

When I lived in The Grand Canyon, I did taxi dispatch, tow truck dispatch, security, and park rangers.

I even acted as 911 operator, but only had to take one emergency call during the 6 months I worked there. Stressful!

It was years ago! I still remember the station identification we had to do on the hour: "KQN345, Station 3 clear at Zero Hundred Hours."

Sunny said...

LOL- Yeah- the radio chat is the best part OF the job, to be honest!
If you miss the jargon, do like I'm gonna do- get a police scanner. My best friend (who also was a police dispatcher) has one and listens to hers when she gets missing the chatter.

Lol- sounds like you have had as colorful and varied a career life as ME!!