Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ask- And Ye SHALL Recieve.

I am now no longer Dispatching at my job!

Whooooooo Hoooooo!!

Last night I went in to work and was training the new girl for Dispatch. She's been training for a week now and has done amazingly well. Turns out we were a couple people short and the Supervisor asked me if I thought the trainee was ready to go it on her own- and if I would mind changing posts for the night. I told him actually I thought it was a great idea - I thought she was ready a couple nights ago and on the post he was putting me I could remotely monitor how she was doing and if she got stuck, it would take me less than two minutes to come to her rescue.

So I was taken out of the office and put in the field.
I cannot describe how great it was to get out of there.

I don't know about tonight tho.
Okay- Imagine going from sitting at a desk for over a year for eight hours a night, to tonight- standing for eight hours with only a thirty minute break. At least it will be cool out there.

Wanna hear MY funny story for the day?
THIS is what I get for asking you guys for funny stories.

This morning I was moved to our ISC building at 5 AM. It was about 80 degrees in there and all I had to do was to sit and LOOK at the front door and check badges as the employees came in. That was fantastic- except the employees didn't start coming in til about 6AM. Sitting in that warm enviroment was NOT easy as it sounds. Especially with the quiet surrounding me and the lack of sleep I've been getting lately.
So I got up and walked around a bit- big lobby- I can do that and still see the door. Anyway, it didn't work. Still too warm- and did you know that you actually CAN fall asleep while walking?
So I did the logical thing and walked outside where it was at least 20 degrees cooler.
That revived me- and so I began alternating- inside-outside. 10 minute intervals each.
Way to go Sunny!
(I absolutely was NOT going to be caught napping after snitching on the officer who was there earlier in the night for the same thing!)

Well, at 10 minutes of 7AM I went outside and strolled in front of the doors, greeting the employees as they came in and glancing at their badges to get a positive ID on them before they went in.(The cardreader was malfunctioning is the reason we had to be there in the first place.)At 2 minutes til 7AM I reached for the door handle to go back inside for the last hour of the shift- and THEN the damn swipe decides it's going to start working again.

Now- I know what you're thinking. Same thing I was thinking. I'm Security- no problem. I'll just swipe my card and zip back in.
Then I realize where I am. ISC- the most heavily secured building on the site. Only two people have access to this building on the night shift and I am DEFINATELY not one of them. I didn't need access to that building since I was always in the office about a half mile away.
You have to have the access # to get back in.
No problem. More employees should be in any minute and I can just(horrors) piggyback behind one of them back into the building.
Only it's Sunday morning. And all the employees that ARE coming in that morning have already arrived and gone in since it's now AFTER 7AM.

It's not very funny when you get yourself into a predicament like that when you laugh at other officers when they get themselves into situations EXACTLY like the one I found myself in.

I could have phoned the base and had them send the Mobile officer(who DOES have the code) over to let me back in, except the phone is in the inside of the building. And if you think I was going over that blasted two-way radio and call for help and have to explain my situation- ....
It WASN'T happening.

God DOES have a sense of humor.
I don't care....I'm laughing with Him right now.


MC Etcher said...

Yay for no more dispatch!!

Locking yourself out, great ending! See, I might not have mentioned that if it were me.

But embarrassing stuff is too fun not to share!

Vicarious Living said...

OH! Cringing as I read! :)
Glad you got the change of job you wanted too