Thursday, September 01, 2005


Thank God for that!

Nothing like a forced exile from something you love doing to make you realize how much you really love doing it!

Long story short- Lightning storm- Big Flash- no phone or Computer. Phone comes back on after several days- computer still didn't work- Huge upset-Calls to Paulius' parents to explain why he hasn't been in touch for several days- Bless parents who then offer to send Christmas cash so we can add to what we haveand buy new computer. Bless them......many times over!

Bought computer, came home, Paulius set it up- posted his blog......and is now hovering (VERY IMPATIENTLY, I might add) while I finish this.
Picture 10 year old in car after an hours driving time going to theme park asking the age-old question....."Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Only in his case it's "Are you through yet?"
Are you throughh yet?"
Are you through yet?"

NO!!! But soon. I promise.


Our trip to the theme park was super fantastic, BTW!
WE had to wait thru horrendous lines(close to an hour for EVERYTHING) but it was a super day. I didn't scream the first time on ANY of the coasters(I kept my eyes closed for the entire ride- it felt like I was having one of my dreams about being able to fly- Harry potter style) and it was SOOOOOO much fun and soooooooo not scary doing it that way. The water rides were a different story tho- I screamed my head off on those.

My kids went with us- we all got sun-burned a bit- but it was fantastic anyway.

I think we will try and go together a few more times to different places....McCaddenville is one place- Gatlinburg is another- Charleston, ......I can't wait......those places will have to wait a while tho. Paulius and i are going to have a new place to live soon.

Also my dad is still in hospital.

Anyway.......I have to go now before I have to smack Paulius.

More later!!

Oh- and thanks for the suggestions for the music for the BBQ!!


MC Etcher said...

Yay! New Sunny post.

It was getting cobwebby over here.

Glad you're back online!

Pete said...

So nice to have you back! :)

Vicarious Living said...

SO glad you guys are back!!! :)

Paulius said...

I'm glad we're back to!

Lois said...

Hey Girl! Sooooo nice to have you and Paul back among the blogging. I so missed getting all the news from you here!!! I guess you were on your trip when I called?

Sorry your Dad is still in the hospital. I'm sending cosmic hugs to you all.

Love ya,
Your Sissie from different parents,

OzzyC said...

glad 2 c u back