Saturday, January 16, 2010

Design on a Dime....(Well, Actually For Five Bucks.)

So I've had this headache for several days now. The first couple days it was a dull throb- then advanced to night before last when it was bad enough for me to throw up- and today it's eased off a bit so it's just a dull throb again.
I suppose it's an improvement.

So since I can sit up without feeling like my heads going to explode, I have been sitting here catching up on my e-mails and such. Paul's playing his new game........Resident Evil 5....... so I opened up my design program he installed for me a couple years ago and have been playing around on it a bit. The pics here are actual 3-D renderings of our kitchen from the program!

I love that thing. I can indulge my love of home design without the strain, stress and annoyance of having to move everything around until it's perfect. I can use preset plans, or I can design my own from scratch. I have space plans, floor plans, and 3-D views. I can add as I see fit, delete as I see fit, change colors, stains, fabrics, wallpapers and all manner of materials for literally millions of choices and options.
It keeps me entertained for HOURS! Well, as long as I remember to save every 15 minutes. Otherwise, the program turns itself off and I lose EVERYTHING I've done for that entire plan.
It's the one flaw in an otherwise perfect program.

It's how I decided to change the color of our kitchen to Carolina Blue.
Although I wanted to change the color of the kitchen up a bit, I couldn't decide what color palate I wanted to change it to. So after debating and debating, I went and looked at and chose a few paint chip samples at the local Home Improvement Center and brought them home. Then I turned on the design program, quickly keyed in the kitchen layout I had done almost immediately after getting the program, and then started matching up the paint samples to the colors in the program, and voila...... the perfect color combinations for our kitchen. I got to see it just perfectly with the 3-D walk thru option!!!
I just need to finish painting the walls and then paint the table and chairs and re-upholster the seats and re-floor the kitchen and put down new tile. That is IF we don't move soon.

I love my hubby for getting that for me. Best thing about it- it only cost 5 bucks at our local Electronics store!!
How awesome is THAT, I ask you?!!?!!?!!

It's raining here, it's chilly, but we're having a casual weekend.
Can't ask for much more than that, can you?

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