Saturday, January 02, 2010

*sigh* a good way........

We had an awesome New Year day. First we woke up and went to buy Paul some more tea bags and a jar of curry so he could make Turkey Curry with the leftover turkey from our Christmas Dinner we postponed until Monday because I had to work on Christmas Day night. We also had planned to go to market for groceries, but the local ALDI was closed yesterday so we ended up just getting some bread and chicken and milk and eggs and cheese and calling it a wrap.
After that got put away we...okay, *I*.... decided we wanted to go for a nice long ride. So we headed in the general direction of Charleston. We knew our finances wouldn't allow an overnight trip but we just headed that way for the ride.
A good few miles down the road- I saw a sign for Columbia and told Paul that someday I wanted to go to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia again. He asked "Why not now?", and since the only reason I could come up with was that they might not be open on New Year Day, we decided to give it a try.
Luckily, they were open, so we spent a lovely two and a half hours walking hand in hand around the zoo, looking at all the animals and reptiles and fish. Riverbank Zoo makes our local city zoo look like an ant next to an elephant. They also always decorate the entire zoo with lights for Christmas and we were lucky that they stay decorated until the third of January.
So, we finally left when they closed the zoo at five PM and headed back home. Once back home Paul made his lovely turkey curry which I had to give up eating after only a few minutes because it was too spicy for my stupid ulcer-riddled tummy. (Paul hates it when I refer to my stomach as my *tummy*.....I have no idea why.) What I did get to eat was YUMMY, but I think I prefer the KORMA Curry he made last time. As long as it's heated. He gave me a tiny taste of it straight from the jar before it was heated and when I tasted it I, unfortunately, told him it tasted a bit like throw-up, which he will never let me forget.............however, once heated with the meat in it, it was really quite nice!!
Then we sat here and watched a bit of TV before turning in early last night. It really was a great start to the new year!!

This morning between Paul jiggling me every time I started snoring(so HE says....I personally don't believe a word of it)....and Logan crawling UNDER the blanket to keep warm and purring so loudly he kept waking me up....and Lucy(who I want to re-name Tinkerbell) jumping on the bed and her bell on her collar tinkling and waking me up, I was awoken so often I got really annoyed and finally got up and came into the living-room and began de-Christmas-ing everything. I'm almost finished with the living-room and have to do the kitchen which will take all of 15 minutes tops.

Ugh- the new kitten, Lucy, still has a cold. And keeps spraying-sneezing everywhere, especially when she's curled up on our chest or shoulder. It's a good thing humans can't "catch" a cold from our feline friends.

Also, now that Logan has decided he is going to "allow" her to stay, he has also decided he is going to try to hump her every chance he gets.
Both of them are vying for attention from us, so it's basically a comedy of epic proportions every waking minute.

On the upside- better this than having to worry about walking into a room to find two dead cats and blood spattered all over the walls, floor and ceiling from the fight before they killed each other.

Yay us.

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Evan 08 said...

...told him it tasted a bit like throw-up...

Didn't you know that vomit tastes better once it's warmed up ;)