Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Boys.....

This evening Kathy and CJ came to visit. He wasn't at all afraid of Paul this time!! He laughed at him and chattered like a magpie and is actually talking now. I got in the floor and tickled him and we played with the toys in the toy basket a while and had a load of fun.
I gave him a chocolate cookie when they first came in, his mom doesn't buy him sweets much because he gets REALLY active when he eats sugar. He is so sweet- he asks for a paper towel, I gave him a Kleenex, and he wiped the chocolate off his mouth and then turned and gave it to his mom and said, "Here you are." as he handed it to her. is that not just ADORABLE?????
Anyway, So long after he finished eating it- about halfway through the visit- he asked where his cookie was, and I told him he ate it and Nana would send another one home with him to eat later. Well, we visited some more and played some more, and then before we knew it- it was time for him to go home and get his bath and get some sleep before pre-school tomorrow. I carried him up to the car so I could get in a few extra minutes of hugs and kisses and tickles, and halfway there, CJ stopped and looked and me and asked "Mmmm's cookie?"
So I laughed and told him I'd go get his cookie while his mama was buckling him in his seat.
Halfway back UP to the car with the cookies, Kathy met me and said..."We're gonna look like we're doing a drug deal, but I don't want him to see the cookies now or he'll throw a tantrum all the way home!!" So she stuck them in her jacket and hid'em til tomorrow for him after school.

LOL- I understand COMPLETELY!!!!!!

I love my grands. And my kids!!! All of them!!!

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