Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"End of An Era" or "I Get To Go Shopping!!!!!!"

Well, the powers that be at my job site have declared no more Personal Electronic Devices are allowed for the Officers there. Except for a cell phone which I don't own anyway.

I'm not terribly bothered, to be honest. I only went online occasionally on my breaks for dinner anyway- or to check to make sure my Direct Deposit went in the bank like it was supposed to before I filled up my car on the way home from work, because on the Wednesday nights/Thursday Mornings I work I'm usually red-lining on the fuel gauge on the way TO work, let alone on the way home!

I mostly used the case as a carry-all for my meds, and make-up, and girlie stuff, and my appointment books, and my paperbacks and wallet and such. And since I can't bring the computer case to work with me anymore- guess what this means??????

Yep- I get to go shopping to buy me a brand new purse/tote big enough to carry all that other stuff back and forth to work!

Yay Me!!!!!!!

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