Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Some Stuff.....

Well, I bought my new purse today. It's just big enough to fit my day-planner,a nice paperback, my meds,a hairbrush, my make-up and wallet in it. It also has seperate compartments on the front for my keys and cellphone and a pen and notepad which I constantly need to have at my fingertips.

Tomorrow is Paul's birthday so I'm planning to take him out for a nice steak dinner to celebrate before I go in to work.
IF I go in to work, that is. I have a migraine again...or to be closer to the truth, I STILL have it. so I may have to call off if it gets worse. I may end up going to the doctors and get an injection for this one...I've had it constantly for more than 10 days now and it just fades a bit and then comes back strong again. Just trying to go about my normal day is becoming a trial. I wish I knew what triggered it. I used to think it was stress- but things have been going so smoothly since Christmas and this one started DAYS ago when everything was going so that can't be it. Ah well, I've had them since I was 10 so I should be used to them by least they seem to have become less frequent in the past few months.

I'm also very impressed with my hubby. He decided to quit smoking- and just DID it! It's been a year and a half now and he hasn't started back! And now, he has decided to get back in tip-top shape so he's been watching what he eats, and most impressively, he gets up, eats a breakfast, takes his meds, and then goes for a mile and a half walk every day. Rain or shine, cold or warm, he goes for the walk. If we lived where there was sidewalks, I'd go with him on my days off, but I can't deal with the trail he walks, huge chunks of gravel that would have me turning my ankles in a heartbeat. I know- I actually went with him once last week and had to look directly at the ground the whole way, made my head hurt even worse to have it at that odd angle for that amount of time.
But KUDOs to my hubby for doing it! He's already lost a few pounds as well!!

I'm doing all my walking at work. I walk about two and a half miles at work just doing my regular tours around the facility with a lot of stopping and starting checking doors and lights and such. I've started training for my annual endurance test coming up in a couple months, as well. We have to be able to go up 7 flights of stairs in 90 seconds or less for that. So I'm going up the stairs as far as I can go every night I work. I'm also walking an extra 1-2 miles non-stop on my breaks and lunch or in between tours of the facility. I'm bound and determined to get rid of this excess weight this year as well. So far I've dropped a few pounds as well! I still have my days when I eat something that's not so good for my weight loss, but if I do, it's usually just a small something....altho I have had a night or two that I wayyyyy overindulged. But I'm limiting those times as well. It's not an ALL the TIME thing!!

Fingers crossed, I'll still be plugging away at it and almost to my goal by the end of the year holidays!!! Still got a ways to go on that one tho.

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