Thursday, January 07, 2010

An Hour And A Half Later......

God- Just shoot me.......

Okay, if you haven't read it yet- take a minute and go read THIS first on Paul's blog.......I'll wait.

Back already? Wow- you must speed read!

Anyway, so Yeah....a mere hour and a half later and I'm sitting here on the sofa wrapped up in our trusty blanket. Yeah, blanket. Not the SNUGGIE we JUST went out and bought.

"Why?" you may be asking.......Well, I'll tell you exactly why.

First of all, it's EXTREMELY thin cheap quality "fleece". It's more like nylon fleece to be honest. You move just a tiny bit and you can hear the static electricity crackling. Now, call me a Wuss, but getting a static shock every time I touch something after wearing/while wearing the SNUGGIE just doesn't do it for me in any way, shape or form.

Second of all, it's way too long. It's a full two or three inches LONGER than Paul's, who is a full 7 or 8 inches taller than I am. Great if you are lying on the couch and don't have to ever get up and do anything else all day, but if you're a normal person who is usually multi-tasking all day and up and down alot.......not so much.

Third.....Now, while the sleeves are very convenient for reaching for the remote or reading a book- (and that's a STRETCH even) -the sleeves are also about 6-8 inches too long. Trying to drink a drink- the sleeves fall over it and you have to hold it back with your other hand while you take a sip. Same thing with eating anything with it on . As I said- even reading a book would be tricky because the sleeves would fall well over the pages.

Fourth, the back is totally open. I don't know about y'all, but if the back of my neck and my shoulders are exposed to the cold, I'm miserable and just cannot get warm. With some people it's the backs of their arms, or their hands or butt, or their ears... but I'm a neck and shoulder kinda girl. It could easily be improved by having a strip of Velcro on the back so you could actually use the excess cloth at the back of the neck to close it up a bit.

And last- but certainly not Paul said ....I think my IQ dropped about 20 points just putting the thing on.

Like I need THAT!!

So, in conclusion, my personal opinion of the Snuggie is.........don't bother. You can get a nice quality fleece throw for the same or LESS money and be more comfortable.

Oh........And no- I'm not really surprised it was crap- but I was being an optimist.

(BTW- the "TWIN DRAFT GUARD" works just fine....unless you have carpet.
What can I say....we went White Trash crazy today.....)


Paulius said...

She lies. The Snuggies are awesome.

It's exactly what it says on the box. It's a blanket with sleeves.

Sure, the fleece does feel cheap...but that's because it IS cheap. They cost 15 bucks.

It's not meant to be a robe and you're not meant to wear it when you're moving around. You're meant to put it on in the same situations you would when you cover up with a blanket...and then it works. It keeps you warm and keeps your hands free.

Oh, and I consider the over-long sleeves to be a GOOD thing. Pull them up when you need your hands, Pull them down to keep your hands warm when you don't.

Ummm...did I just defend the Snuggie?

Jesus H Christ, what have I become?

Sunny said...

Wait- What's that sound????

Oh wait- That's it....your IQ points diving.

And you're just

You're WRONG!
You're WRONG!
(A-La Dr Cox on Scrubs.)


Paulius said...

F**k you. Snuggies are awesome.

Sunny said...

And there you go folks....the IQ points have bottomed out and as a result the first thing that comes to his mind is the F phrase.....

Check Mate!!!!

Paulius said...

Just a reminder folks, this is the woman who went into a coffee shop and asked for, and I quote: "One of those things that tastes like coffee."

I don't think she's qualified to judge the level of intelligence in others.

Sunny said...

Owwwwwwwwww..... Ouch!!!!!

I said CHECKMATE!!!! Game OVER, Babe.


Seacat said...

I also broke down and bought a snuggie...but I tend to lean more towards Sunny's opinion on them. My cats really like mine tho. As for the Draft Guard......I think the ONLY way that cheap piece of crap would work is if you used it on a door in a room with either wood or linoleum floors. I have parquet flooring in my entry, but the fuzzy rug I have in front of the door gets hung up on and displaces the guard every time the door is opened. It went in the trash.