Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years Curse-Be Gone!!!!!

Calling all my Mountain Witch loved ones.
Spells needed for Anti-New Years Curse. All my friends are sick with one thing or the other, autos are needing repairs and water-pipes are bursting. Someone has cursed the New Year and it's in dire need of some Majikal help from us.

(Just so you all know- my hubby is double-triple awesome for braving the cold wet elements to fix our burst pipes without a word of complaint...oh wait- never mind- now he's sitting here reminding me how he did all that AND almost cut his hand off in the process....all with his "Die-uh-Beat-us".) *sigh*.....Oh my head hurts......Bleh.

1 comment:

marie said...

dont forget he moved 3000 miles just to be with you... :) and never ever mentions it