Thursday, July 21, 2005

Are You Coasting? ....Or Not?

I am as curious as the proverbial cat.

I know most of you are twenties and thirties.....but I still have a question for you.

Up to this point in your life- do you think you have lead an interesting and full life? Or do you think you're just coasting thru it up to now?

I personally think I have lead an interesting and full life so far. I have saved a couple persons lives-(yes really)-,I have survived two auto accidents that, by all acounts, I should have died in, I survived the red measles(my doctor thought I wouldn't make it and told my parents to make arrangements), two tornados, I'm writing a book, and I have survived several other incidents that I don't share information about. I have traveled all over the United States, I have tried things that scared the devil out of me, I have raised three children, and have a part-time job I adore. I have had jobs as a Security officer- a police officer/dispatcher, a seasonal marketing specialist, a secretary, a receptionist, a cashier at McDonalds, a painter, a gardner, a maid, and a commercial building cleaner(exteriors)as well as a few more to stupid to mention. I have been praised by employers for saving a company millions of dollars and months of work, and I have told employers that they SUCK to their faces and gotten by with it(mainly because they agreed with me about the thing I was complaining about.) I've flown in a helicopter, went white-water rafting, and driven a speedboat.

I coasted thru life til I was 23- Then I started LIVING!

How 'bout you?


Pete said...

Sounds like you've had quite a lot of interesting experiences! Hope to hear more about them! I think I am coasting, but also living too. I have always had to work very hard, but I have never experienced TRUE hardship. I have been to a lot of great places and done some very cool things. Life has always been good to me. Of course there have been some tough times, but even then, things always seem to have a way of working themselves out for the best. Don't know if I can actually take credit for any of that! (probably just lucky!) Sometimes I can't believe how good I have it. But then other times, I feel like I am missing something. I don't know, maybe it's human nature, or just a flaw in my own character, but I tend to take things a little too much for granted sometimes. Maybe it's because I have never had anything REALLY bad happen to me. Hopefully my luck holds out! :)

MC Etcher said...

It's a perspective thing. Getting up and going to work every day is a lot like coasting, but it's a necessity.

Here in my mid 30's, I've had between 15 and 20 jobs, and will probably have at least 15 more before I retire.

Gone are the days when you worked for the same company for 25-30 years, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I've traveled a lot, but I'm shy around new people - so even though I've been to at least 25 of the 50 states, and lived in 10 of them, I haven't really met or mingled with the people there.

For the folks who are born, grow old, and die in the same house, in the same small town, they might think I've lived a fuller life than they have.

But if they know all 200 people in that small town, and have lots of good friends, then they've lived a more full life than I have.

OzzyC said...

I've had a full life so far...

I've travelled around the world (literally), I've got a family, and a job that's challenging -- both logistically and personally.

But there's still sometimes a feeling that I can, or should, do more. The answer to your question is really a personal one. The REAL question is "Am I, for the most part, happy and content with who I am and what I've done?"

There are very few people who couldn't have done, seen or accomplished a little more in life. There are even fewer people who are content with their lot in life.

For the most part, I'm happy with who I am.

Chief Slacker said...

I definitely had been coasting for the last two years, and realized it sometime about february. I'm doing my best to break out of that now!