Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Name Game

How do you name your pets?

I tend to watch them for a day or two and see what their personalities throw at me.

Sometimes I look at them and they just remind me of someone- or something specificly.

Sometimes I'm influenced by a character in a book I have been recently reading or a movie I particularly loved.

My last dog was a registered Dashund called "Rudolph Valentio Jar-Jar Binks".
No Joke- he was the most loveable affectionate puppy I had ever seen, (thus the Rudolph Valentino) But he was the clumsiest, most stupid goofus I have ever seen too- (thus the Jar-Jar-Binks). He would trip over his own ears trying to get to you to be petted.

It facinates me how people come to name their pets.

And their children...OMG- Don't even get me started on THAT subject.


serendipity said...

Ok - pets names.

Mine are:

Spike - named after Spike on Buffy the vampire slayer. When I first gt him he had a VERY spiky personality and really loved to draw blood.

Magic - well he's an all black cat. He's a witches cat, so it was either Magic, or Salem.

LouLou - Well, her full name is Tallulah Belle. That's what I get for letting my friend name her I suppose.

I used to have a kitty called Katie pocket - I don't know where that name came from except she looked like a Katie and she would hide in my coat pockets because she was so tiny.

There's a cute stray that visits my mums house a lot too, we've naed him Merlin. He's all grey, so we stuck with the magical and daft theme I started with my cats....

Paulius said...

My Pet names tend to be simple.

I called my first dog 'Cocoa', because she had chocolate coloured spots.

Next dog was named Jake, or Jacob when he was bad. I called him jake because he just looked like a Jake.

I had a budgie named 'Geordie', because I was a Star Trek fan at the time, and heard that budgies found words ending in an 'ee' sound easier to say.

and I just called the new kitten Padme, because I'd just watched episode III. Although she thinks her name is "ARRRRGH!!! That's my leg, you little shit! Look, she's drawn blood!"

Chief Slacker said...

I usually go with something their appearance invokes in me.

My parents gave their new cat the name I would have gotten if I was a girl.