Thursday, July 14, 2005


Why is it that pictures never stay straight on the wall?

And why is what we're looking for is always in the last place we look for it?

And how are dust bunnies formed and WHO came up with that name?

These are questions I need answered.I also need sleep now.


MC Etcher said...

1) Pictures do not stay straight on the wall due to the rotation of the Earth.

2) Because when we find what we're looking for, we stop looking.

3) I don't know.


Paulius said...

Here's a hint, when you're looking for something, continue looking for a few minutes after you find it.

That way nothing will ever be in the last place you look ever again.

Chief Slacker said...

1) Ghosts! Booooo!

2) Because if it's in the first palce you look that becomes the last... unless you keep looking after you have it in your hand because you forgot you found it....

3) They form because they tend to have a little bit of a charge and like to collect together ;O) Apparently one of the first uses of the term was Dust Mice, because when they would collect and then be blown across the floor they resembled mice... must have grown up to bunnies ;O)

Vicarious Living said...

Pictures I don't know about - my walls are decidedly bare come to think of it.

I blame it on Murphy.

Dust Bunnies - not sure, but I think the ones behind the storage wall at work are actually Dust Dobermans. I'm waiting for the ankle biting.

l33t haxor said...

U sound HOT grl!

Wahts ur ICQ, bayb

Sunny said...

My hubby thinks so.....and its 666.