Monday, July 25, 2005


Thanks to those of you who took the time to comment on "Hunters Revenge".
I really appreciated the remarks.

Todays is going to be short and sweet...I think.....(you know how blogs go- you start out on one thing and completely finish with a totally different line of thought).

What I would like your input on is whether you think MEN or WOMEN are more vindictive.

I have known some pretty mean guys in my time- but it seems to me that women ENJOY revenge much more than men.
Men walk up to someone who have wronged them, give them a piece of their minds and punch their lights out- it's over.

Women seem to be more like elephants- they take revenge- walk away- and then take revenge over and over again and NEVER seem to let it go.
(Sorry about the comparison to elephants, ladies- but that's the thing that has a long memory- if you can think of something better to compare us to- feel free to set me butt didn't appreciate the comparison much either if it's any consolation!!)


Chief Slacker said...

I absolutely agree. Of all the people I know, women hold grudges by far the longest.

Guys totally get angry and jealous and much, but once something comes to let thyem get over it, a fight and apology or whatever it tends to float on down the river.

Women file that away to use as fodder in some fight later then still keep it in case they need to be angry again.

Paulius said...

Yup, most men either have an argument, of a bloody good punch-up...and then it's over.

Women treat a grudge like a fine wine. It gets better with age.

serendipity said...

I'd agree than in general woman are FAR better at holding a grudge.

This might be where I go against the stereotype through because 9 times out of time I just can't be bothered.
If someone pisses me of, i'll just tell them and be done with it. If we end up in an arguement and it gets violent - so be it.
I'd rather not fight, but i'd sooner do that than spend the next few years wondering what's going to happen when i'm not expecting it.
I have a friend who I used to work with. One day we got into such a huge row that she wanted to take it outside to the parking lot and finish it off. I avoided it purely because I was at work....because we didn't get it out of the way then and there it went on for two years before we started talking again - ridiculous!!!

Sunny said...

The only thing I have to say in defense of women are- usually it's other women we do that to- and we do it because we know that even if we DID get in a fist fight- it STILL wouldn't end there- it would still be going on for years after anyway- and's SO unlady-like to throw punches unless you're forced to.
Revenge is so much sweeter served COLD!

OzzyC said...

It depends...

Guy vs. guy fights are usually short and sweet.

Gal vs. gal fights are usually drawn out and catty.

It's where men and women go up against up each other that it gets really ugly. Then all stereotypes go out the window.

MC Etcher said...

Women seem to plan a lot more, their revenge is more calculated. So that makes it more vindictive, in the end.

Litany said...

Oh yeah, definitely women. Ha ha ha!!

I only punish those who deserve it.