Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Marking Territory-Part II

Okay- in all fairness I feel I have to finish what I started with my last blog.

Marking territory.......Yes, as Chief Slacker pointed out, we women do it too and, truth be told, we are more wiley about it than men are.

Men tend to mark territory at home- in their domain....we women, on the other hand, mark our territory everywhere. In our mens autos, in the house, even at their place of work.

We leave our brush/comb and barretts in their cars. Also, we tend to leave lipstick tubes and a compact in there, too- (just in case we're out and about and need to pull our hair back or check to see if we have a shiny nose or to re-apply our lipstick.)
Yeah- Right.

We put a "womans touch" in our mens domain- whether it's home with the flowers or at his office with a picture of us on his desk.

God help the man whose woman thinks another female might be paying just a tad too much attention to her man.
A woman will put on her perfume and then give her man an extra big hug before sending him off to work. That insures that not only will her man smell the perfume and be reminded of her all day, but any infringing females will smell it on him if they are too close, which serves as a warning to "BACK OFF- HE'S TAKEN"!!

Women tend to bring a "bite to eat" for their man at work. This marks their territory as well, giving the infringing woman/women a chance to see that the male is indeed being taken care of and ,more importantly, giving the marking female a chance to size up the competetion. A long kiss and hug will usually end the "lunch break" before the woman leaves and she usually will have the male walk her to her car as she leaves- a blatant case of marking territory that proclaims "He leaves with me. He may have to go back inside the office and finish the day- but it's because he HAS to-He WILLINGLY is making sure I am taken care of."

Women also call at odd times of the day "just to say hello" and to tell you they love you. And you know how they always make the man say they love them back before hanging up?.........Marking territory.

Women walk up their man at a party (or anywhere to be quite honest) and will stand so their sides are touching, or they want to hold hands at odd times, or they sit closer to him in the car. For women body language is extremely useful and effective in marking territory in public places.

Don't get the wrong idea.....women aren't just doing this because we are marking territory- well we are, but men should realize that we don't do these things if we don't love you and care about you and want to keep you.
If we didn't we wouldn't go to all that trouble- we would just pack up and leave.

Women as a rule, from the beginning of time, have hunted out he most capable males to take care of us.

When we fall in love with a good man, a man who loves us and takes care of us and loves us back and makes us happy- we will do everything in our power to keep them happy and keep them with us and keep other females(or males) at a distance.

It's instinct- and it's love.


MC Etcher said...

Wow! Very well said. So many layers of complexity to all our actions.

Pete said...

I agree, well said. While reading this, I kept thinking, hey! - my wife does that! And that, and that too... :)

Vicarious Living said...

Oh yes, we do things like that because we love and want to be certain the other knows it. It seems like nice little gestures, but it's also something more.

I mark my territory from thousands of miles away when need be, like time release caplets, while on a business trip or such. Emails, voicemails, reminders, all that stuff.

hey buddy said...

hey buddy, this is your pal. I thought that the article was very interesting to a put that is why I make sure that when a woman leaves my truck that they have all their belongings with them but that is only until we are married and something like that.

Sunny said...

LOL- Hey Buddy back!!

But as a single male- doesn't that boost your ego that a female would do that- mark her territory by leaving a little bit of herself behind to get your(and other females) attention?
Hope everything is going good for you at the new job.