Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Still in La-La Land

Hello All-....

Just a quick note to say surgery went well. I'm not quite up to posting anything much today except the update on the surgery. Still a bit-(actually a LOT)- fuzzy and am still on some heavy duty meds for pain. Maybe Thursday- or Friday.

Thanks for all the well-wishes in my other posts.

I AM still reading the posts or having Paulius read them to me every day.

Have a great week!


serendipity said...

Hope you are feeling less fuzzy soon.
I fully intend to send you an email later..Something for paulius to read to you since i've been so horribly slack with my own blog....

Pete said...

Glad to hear everything went OK. :)
I'll try to post something (other than pictures!) - for Paulius to read to you!
Take care and get some rest.
Hope you feel better soon! :)

MC Etcher said...

When you can type again, I'm interested in which type of carpal tunnel surgery you had.

I know of the invasive way that takes months to heal, and the other way that leads to much faster recovery, using an angioplasty-like balloon...


Sunny said...

Ser- Actually- i think I could get USED to being fuzzy. Good thing the doc saw fit to only give me a script for 12 ten MG Lortabs. Too much of a good thing isn't good when it comes to those. looking forward to your e-mail.
Pete- GREAT! looking forward to hearing how the move is progressing and anything else you write about! How does it feel to be able to fly? That is something I would love to learn- but I wanna fly a heli- not a jet. I don't know why- I just do.
Mc Etcher-I actually didn't have carpal tunnel surgery- I have tendonitis in the wrist and had to have the sheath cut to release a nerve.Which means it will take months to fully heal. Didn't hurt much yesterday- but today it is killing me.
Ci ndy- Thanks for the e-mail. Will send one in return as soon as I "sober-up" from the meds.