Saturday, July 16, 2005

Do you ever have days when you just get really pissed about nothing?

It started last night.... I got my wages for vacation time- YAY!! Just in time for my surgery and a weeks vacation! THAT was some good news... However we went two places today and the service centers don't open til 9AM....I am going to be late to get my copy of Harry Potter now.

Also- tried to start this three times- all three times I have somehow managed to hit the caps key and everything was in caps. I'm also trying to get used to a new keyboard. I was so used to the old one- all the sticky keys and wobbly ones too. No telling how many misspelled words you will find on here but I refuse to change them. Too tired today.

Meanwhile Darth Furball is running around- literally bouncing off the walls and making as MUCH noise as possible. Paulius swears she sits by the door after I go to work, waiting for me. Personally, I think she's just sitting there to trip me when I come back in so I will break my neck and she can have him all to herself.

She chews on EVERYTHING- me most of all.....try to go to sleep- and she's there chewing on my fingers- or toes- or any other body part that happens to be outside the sheet.
She wakes me by pouncing on my pillow and popping me on either the forehead- or the top of my head- or my nose to wake me up.

This morning I was sitting on the sofa, minding my own bussiness talking to Paulius about work last night and his blog he wrote- and all the sudden she runs across the room- LEAPS on the sofa- runs up my BARE tummy, digging in her TALONS and leaving a huge scratch, runs across the back of the seat- turns around and zips back down on my leg and then back to the EXACT spot she was before she spazzed!!

Maybe my blood pressure is partly to blame for it. It was 145 over 106 when I went to do my pre-op stuff at the hospital yesterday.

Oh- It's also about 5 days off from Ground Zero again.
LOL- Paulius is going to be happy I will be on pain meds for the first part of that time. I honestly wouldn't blame him if he crushed up a couple extra and put them in my food.

LOL. THAT's one good thing about next week- Paulius will be doing most of the cooking. I will be doing most of the sleeping. I'm encouraging him to think of it as a mini- vacation. Peace and quiet. NICE!!!

Oh well, I see this blog is ALL over the place..... I am going to go sleep.......
Right after I go get Harry Potter.

And breakfast........

And a dog-house for Darth Furball.

Like the commercial says....
I think of it as a temporary exile.


MC Etcher said...

Awww. It's cute when the claw marks are on someone else...

MC Etcher said...

Hope the surgery went well!

Chief Slacker said...

maybe he can crush up some of the pain meds and put them in Darth Furball's food too? ;O) hehe

serendipity said...

Sounds like Padme is something of a handful!

Doesn't the cuteness make up for it though?