Saturday, July 09, 2005

How COULD you???

Todays blog is going to be short and sweet.....
I have a comment and then a question.

When I buy a book- it has to be REALLY boring and crappy for it to ever leave my house. I buy a book and read it and then shelve becomes part of my "family". I think in my entire like I have given away maybe three books.

Books were my best friends when I was growing up. They took me places to do things I dreamed about for weeks or months after reading them.

And I still love books like that-They still take me away to a place thats less stressful than my life sometimes, now. I read them and they stay on my shelf. I go to the library and borrow books and DETEST bringing them back.

My question is...... how can you go to the used bookstore and trade off books? How COULD you?? Isn't it a bit like taking your puppy to the pound and dropping him off or trading him in for a different one?

Or am I just entirely too emotional about my books????


(No offense to you-know-who about her trunkful of books intended by this blog.)


Vicarious Living said...

Hmmm.... I will have to give this some thought. It's a topic that has come up before.

fudgebumpkin said...

One man's rubbish is another man's treasure.

I like people who give their books away...means I can buy 'em second hand for cheap.

Pete said...

If I buy a good book, I usually see if a friend would like to read it when I'm done, then just give it to them. I encourage them to do the same when they are done. Some of my books have gotten around pretty good and some have even eventually come back! Better for someone to enjoy it than have it sit on a shelf collecting dust. Also depends on what type of book it is though. (do magazines count?) I have a pretty big National Geographic collection, but if people weren't willing to sell them, I wouldn't have them! I am not likely to read books twice though. Even good ones. If I have the time to read I would rather read something new.

aurora said...

I can lend my books out with no problem. But I can't even bring myself to give away or sell books like "The Babysitter's Club" and "Sweet Valley High". There is something very wrong with me. I know that it will be a very very long time before I have children even close to old enough to read these books and yet I cling to them and the mountain of others that I've picked up since then.

Invisible Lizard said...

After college, I gave away most of my crappy old paperbacks (lots of bad genre fiction, dog-eared to the point of falling apart) to friends, family, the library. I still have a box of some that I can't even give away, and it will remain with me until one of the two of us finally disintegrates. I keep everything else. Occasionally, I give a personal copy away to a friend, but I always replace it.

However, I make a confession to you all, complete strangers, because those who know me would immediately grab their pitch-forks and knives and exile me from the kingdom. Three years ago I threw a book away, straight in the trash and out to the dumpster. In my defense, it was a hideous, horrible book and I was ashamed to let anybody know I'd bought it.

And I don't even mean shameful in that secretly cool way that Lolita is shameful, or even shameful in that Mein Kampf kind of way that says you are really just a student of history: no, I mean "bad to the point that it should never have been printed on actual paper" shameful.

Lone Ranger said...

If I haven't touched something in a year or two, I don't need it. I read mostly non-fiction books on religion, ethics and culture. So I go back to them freqently when I want to refresh my memory. But fiction books flow through my home like water.