Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reports & Memos

Know what really totally pisses me off and just BUGS the crap out of me?

When you turn in reports and they come back to you with a LOT of red ink on them and you having to redo them over several times because you left a freaking comma out or a word was misspelled. ONE mind you- not several.

Then you get memos from the higher ups that have several mis-spelled words, run- on sentences, and so many commas that it looks like a grapevine. And you're supposed to decipher that mess and follow directions AMND look at the mistakes all day long.

God forbid you point out that they made more mistakes in the one memo than the whole team did in their last quarterly report.

How horrifying!! You have committed an atrocity close to murder!


I say if they want perfection- then they should LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!

Sigh.....End of Rant.
Thank you for listening.


Invisible Lizard said...

I had a boss once who had posted signs all over the office that said: "Follow all instructions as written in the manuel." She used to constantly annoy me with edits to my emails, nagging little things like "I would have said it like this..." Not even real mistakes, just her preferences, which were often laden with grammatical errors. We had a bit of a falling out when I finally took a red pen to all of her signs and set "Manuel" free.

MC Etcher said...

For me, work emails are the worst - I have a boss that makes "Question" the subject of every email.

And then a few months after sending one, he'll say "do you remember that email where I asked x?"

Good luck finding it. Maybe if you took a moment to make the subject match the email's topic, you could find stuff, moron.

Glen Young said...

I really enjoyed your post and found myself laughing a little, laughing mainly at the truth. I had a boss once who was a jerk about everyone using corrent english and no slang. All he spoke with was slang and couldn't spell or say any words correctly. All I could think is what an idiot.

Sunny said...

LOL- I know....and in case anyone is wondering "AMND"(AND) was mis-spelled on purpose....(and can you believe no one commenting said a word about it?)

If that had been a report- it would have come back with RED ink all OVER it!!

Thank yall soooooooo much for listening to my rantings....more to come.

Sunny said...

Oh- and there was a couple new memos out when I went in last night that had a afternote that said..."Just follow it- NO corrections needed"

LMAO- So I took all the ones that were bugging me and put them on the OTHER end of the board- out of my line of sight.

I DID notice, however, that the new memos had not a SINGLE error on them.

Think it got thru?
And yes- I got a verbal warning about doing that- but I told them the exact same thing I said on here.....Lead By Example.
They didn't like it but I have bigger issues with them than this at the moment.

Seems they have changed insurance companies and "someone" forgot to inform us of the now I have a surgery on my wrist coming up on MONDAY and guess who will be paying for it with NO insurance coverage if the form I filled out last night doesn't make it to be processed in time?
ME- .....and even then it looks like there is a two thousand dollar deductible right off the bat.

It's looking like those benifits I was so happy about having at this job aren't worth staying there for after all. Heck- Just to add my hubby to my insurance will cost me a hundred dollars a month extra.....Geeze....

Why do companies treat us like they're doing US a great favor by allowing us to work for them? They want us to give a hundred and fifty percent and expect us to put job before god and family, but act like we should be paying THEM for allowing us to work with such a wonderful company.

Uh-oh.....Sorry guys...another rant- within a rant.

I'll shut up now.....

Pete said...

Companies should realize that their employees are the most valuable asset, and treat them as such. The organization I work for wastes ridiculous amounts of money on useless software, etc., then "nickel and dimes" the employees to death when it comes to salary and benefits. Then they wonder why they can't keep good people! Don't worry about the ranting! At least it's nice you have an outlet! :)

Sorry about the insurance mess, hope your surgery goes OK. :)

Vicarious Living said...

Your surgery is Monday? Let us know how it goes!
As for the ranting, if you say it then I don't have to. I have a pretty decent company, just the expectations are sometimes out of reach, or a little contradictory. And the whole "free reign, we're just here to guide you, we trust you" bit, yeah right. grrr