Thursday, June 30, 2005


-I keep hitting the "Favorites" key and all that happens is stuff comes up on the computer screen.

So far none of my "favorites" have actually apperaed in front of me-

No Chocolates from Belgium
No fish & chips
No double cheeseburgers from McDonalds
No strawberry marguritas
No new Venus swimsuits
No leather pants
No boots or shoes
No cup of Irish Creme coffee
No hugs from hubby when he isn't here
No kidney-shaped in-ground pool in the back yard
No shiny new sports-car in the driveway
No call from the doctor saying "Guess what- You're gonna have a baby"
Nobowl of snow-cream
No 12 foot Christmas tree in the living room with all the smells of Christmas that goes with it.
No bank statement saying I have a million dollars in my account and they are raising the interest drew on it.

I still keep clicking on it tho-...It does contain alot of smiles in that list of blogs and things it does pull up.


Vicarious Living said...

I mean, even if it was just one favorite per click right? :)

Paulius said...


I first experienced this after I sold my car, and found my home key didn't magically transport me to my house.

Also, clicking the history key and printing didn't let me pass my history course at college either!

Flagrant false advertising, I tells ya!