Thursday, June 09, 2005

Someone Else?

I was driving home this morning- and at every stop signal looked at the people in the cars next to me.

I saw some VERY interesting looking people- and I'm being a bit sarcastic here.

Sometimes i let my imagination run away with me- but have you ever looked at someone and said- I wonder what it would be like to live their life for 24 Hours?

Sort of like Quantum Leap-(God that was a GREAT show.)- but in real time instead of in past trying to change future?

With my luck, if I tried it I would go into someones life who was contemplating suicide and was just stepping in front of the train. I'm not sure I like the idea of feeling other peoples emotions instead of my own- not being in control.

If you COULD live someone elses life for a day- who would it be? And Why?

I probally would like to live Paulius life- see how much of a pain in the ass I really am to him sometimes. Maybe it would change my thinking about the way I do some things.....Or maybe not.

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Vicarious Living said...

It would be interesting to change places with someone. A whole other set of issues, problems, joys. As for who, probably someone who I don't understand all that well, so that I could relate better to them, like a family member I just don't "get".
Or Oprah. Aside from all the money and glitz, I wonder how she feels about and deals with all the hoopla.
That and I am curious to know if she actually read all those bookclub suggestions, including all that Faulkner she assigned her fans over the summer.
(I never see Oprah, and really, who is home during that time slot, but not a day goes buy I don't hear her name)