Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back From The Pit Of Hell- Maybe


Just coming off a mega-migraine today.
Had it for two days.

For those of you who say- OH quit whining- it's only a headache- let me describe some of the symptoms of a migraine- and some of the causes.

Number one on the list is smells-
Perfume or cologne are the number one culprits, altho almost any smell can trigger them.Instantanious nausea-sometimes actual vomiting and a throbbing in the eyes and temples that feel like a conga line at full volume.

You can't move to go throw up because if you move you feel like you will pass out from the pain of the headache.

Number two is light.
Any light shined for even a second in the eyes-(headlamps on autos- sunlight glinting off chrome- a lamp switched on in direct line of vision)-same results- painful stabbing pain for a couple of seconds- then the nausea and then the throbbing.

Number three is sounds-
A bass turned up too loud in the car three back from you at the stoplight is enough to set a migraine off. Only this time, the THROB is usually what starts off first- the the stabbing pain and then nausea. It at least gives you time to pull over before you throw up with sounds.

Number four-
Temperature changes-
Out of an air-conditioned building into the heat of summer- Instant migraine. I don't know why- but this is one of the most painful ones for me- next to smells.

With migraine headaches you ache all over- your skin is sensitive to everything around you- sometimes even the breeze blowing over your skin is like being sandblasted- your very nerve endings are just THAT sensitive. You don't want to be touched- you don't want to talk-you don't want to listen- you don't want to BREATHE! YOU-JUST-WANT-THE-PAIN-TO-STOP!!!!

When the headache grabs you- it holds tight. You never know if it's gonna last two hours- or two weeks.
I have meds for them- but nothing works except the meds that knock me out for 12 hours- or the ones that make me loopy and unable to work or drive while I'm on them.

Best non- med way I have found to deal with them is turn off all the lights, turn on the A/C(yep-even in the winter)the colder the better, keep everything as silent as possible-, put an ICE cold washcloth over my eyes and breathe very gently with a fan blowing on just my face- even with the A/C on. If I catch them early enough, after about 4 or 5 hours I usually am good as new. Unless I see light- or hear a sound- or smell anything.............

Then it's back to the pit of hell......again.


serendipity said...

oh my - you have my complete understanding and total sympathy. Everything you have jut described is what I suffer from on a regular basis.

In between migraines I suffer from my neurologist calls "chronic daily headache syndrome"....which to me sounds like "we don't know why you get these damn headaches all the time so we'll just make something up."

The smells thing though - that is a HUGE trigger for my migraines. Anything vanilla scented will do it straight away. As will a lot of heavy perumes like Joop, Hypnotic Poison, or Obsession. Car air fresheners too.....

*hugs* take care of yourself

Sunny said...

Yep- Vanilla and Musk are my trigger smells.


(((HUGS)))) Back at ya!!

Chief Slacker said...

I knew there was a reason to hate vanilla. You should invest in a sensory deprivation tank ;O)

MC Etcher said...

Ugh, that's rough. I hope you feel better and stay that way!

Whew, I can't imagine what a migraine must be like, and I never want to find out.

Vicarious Living said...

I hate the smell of vanilla. Unless it's in coffee. But vanilla perfume makes me a little nauseous and angry.

As for migraines - it's been a while, and I'm not looking forward to the next one. When I did Atkins I started getting them frequently. At first I had no idea what was going on, weird lights dancing around the edges of my vision, slightly sick feeling, then 20 minutes later a pain unlike any other. Makes me whimper even now.
Hope you're doing better!