Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Batman Begins -Review- NOT a Spoiler.

Okay- Batman begins- okay movie-as long as he's in the costume.

The push-up scene was ho-hum.

The TOYS he has to play with...sorry- the WEAPONS(sound more macho now, guys?)-
They are da BOMB and I want every single one of them!!!!!

ESPECIALLY the car altho I imagine I could have more fun with just the costume. ;-)

Still hasn't got a THING on KEATON or KILMER tho.

End of review.

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Vicarious Living said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy it as much, but at least going to the movies in general was good times I hope. I don't go near as often as I'd like but once I'm there I feel like a kid again.

Gotta love the toys.