Thursday, June 16, 2005

Damn System- Still No Paycheck.

You know- I hate stuff sometimes- I guess I am just a control freak- I like everything under control, in order, and in my hands.

Take my FREAKING PAYCHECK for instance.......

Where I work we have several options.....We can have it direct deposit- we can have it mailed to our house- or we can have it hand delivered to us at the jobsite . What we CANNOT do is go to the main office and pick it up ourselves.

All four options really SUCK.

First of all. the direct deposit....I HATE DD....It goes directly to your bank account- which means you don't even get the satisfaction of holding the damn check in your hand and looking at it for a few satisfying moments before doling it out to the various people you owe it all to.
Besides- thanks to my late EX- husband, I don't have a banking account because I'm having to pay off the charges he ran up before he died (AFTER we divorced, I might add, but due to legal difficulties I seem to STILL be responsible for them) and left them all to me....Thanks a FREAKING lot.
And besides THAT I hear the people who DO have DD complaining quite regularly that their money is deposited a few days late and that would really throw things off if you have things drafted from your account on certain dates according to your billing dates. Even if you DON'T have them drafted, if it isn't in your account you can't write a check for it. Well, you could, but then that would mean more late fees and overdraft charges not to mention legal charges for fradulent checks and such and I sure as hell wouldn't do that or don't need THAT- I'm trying desperately to get back in the BLACK in my financial life after it was thrown into chaos by idiots.

!!!!!People - MEN & WOMEN-do yourself a HUGE favor- no matter how much you love and trust the person you decide to spend your life with- do the bills together- sit down evey week, every other week- or every month and write the checks and go over the bills TOGETHER- that way you BOTH know all about your financial state.!!!!!

Second- Having it mailed to your home......Sigh...the option I chose because they wouldn't allow it the other way when I first went to work there. I hate this system too. When you have it mailed to your home, you get it on Tuesdays as opposed to getting it on Wednesdays. You get it in the bank or doled out a day earlier than the rest of the people because you are trusting them to get it to you with minimum contact, paperwork and fuss.
In theory it works just fine- and it usually does- but here I am on Thursday and still no check in the mail. No gas, the food-stuffs are running dangerously low and horror of horrors, someone who smokes is running very low on ciggies. Not to mention the bill collectors are calling saying they are WAITING for the money promised them.

So I called the main office thinking there had been some sort of snaffue...... Not there, I was told. Mailed out on Monday as usual, but I was in good company- they had had LOTS of calls about others in the same situation. Not to worry- give it a few days and then call back if it still hasn't arrived.Fine- how about I give YALL the numbers of the people I owe and you just call them up and tell them to hang in there a few more days and then we'll see.

Easy for THEM to say. I have to wait tho because the last time this happened , I told them I needed them to cancel it and then cut me another because I really needed the money they owed me- it took two WEEKS for them to CUT it again. The process is- you call- they tell you to wait a few days. You wait- you call again and say you want another cut- they cancel and THEN tell you it will take two weeks for them to see if the check has been cashed by someone else before they cut another for you.
Bastards- why don't they tell you it will take that long BEFORE they let you decide to do that. Anyway, you only go thru that ONCE before you learn your lesson. And besides- what freaking damn difference does it make if the check has been stolen and cashed by someone else? You still don't have the money and them finding out that it has been stolen and cashed has no impact on the fact that you WORKED you ass off for that money and NEED the money and they expected you to show up every day- which you DID and you earned the damn money and they still OWE you the damn money and you FREAKING NEED it so cut another damn check and gimme it for gods sake if you expect me to keep coming in to work. My car doesn't run on freaking air and I don't have much energy if I don't eat on a semi-regular basis. Sure I wanna lose a bit of weight- but involuntary starvation isn't the way I wanted to go to do it.

Third- the hand delivery system.
I don't like everyone and their brother knowing how much I make in a week nor how much I have made all year. I KNOW it's in an envelope- and we all know how hard it is for someone to pick it up and open that little clasp and just take a quick peek thru them. Don't tell me it's only the supervisors who see them and hand them out either- it's damn well NOT. I work in the office and see just how many envelopes are left out like that- or even put in the "safe""secure" file cabinate with the lock left off and the drawer accidentally opened by all the people looking for something else and inadvertantly opening that envelope by "mistake". Sure mistakes happen- but it doesn't take riffling thru them all for 5 minutes before you realise the mistake and put the envelope back where you got it. I don't guess it hurts anything for them to see it- but we have to sign a document saying we won't discuss how much we earn with other employees and I don't think we should have to do that if evey Tom, Dick, and Sally can just eyeball them when it's NONE of their DAMN business.
I like to keep my private stuff private unless I CHOOSE to tell you or let you know something. Then it's MY choice and my choice ONLY.

Forth- picking it up at the main office-
And WHY can we not go to the main office here in town and pick them up? What the hell would it hurt?
They do the payroll there- and it would be private for the ones who have the time and WANT the privacy to do it that way.

So what if the little secretary doesn't see that particular job listed in her job description- let me tell you something ,honey- we ALL do crap in our jobs that isn't in our job description and are expected to do it and not complain about it. Which I usually do- UNTIL I DON'T GET MY FREAKING PAYCHECK like I SHOULD!


Rant Over- Thank you for listening!

Where the hell did I put my Happy Place?.................I seem to have misplaced it for the moment.......


serendipity said...

Oooooh I do not like that system.

My wages are paid once a month by direct deposit. It goes in without fail and I would HATE to rely on our postal service to bring my money. Besides, if they paid me by cheque it would take an extra 7 days for the money to clear at the bank.

As much as you like to hold that cheque in your hand i'd go for direct deposit. Set up a different bank account to the one where you have the problems and have your wages paid in there.

That's just my opinion of course, cos being without money sucks big time!

Sunny said...

Thanks for the link!

And I did try to go to a different bank- the one where my dad is a stockholder and they still wouldn't do it- seems over here they are all linked to the same financial system- and they have a good ole boys system- what one wont do- the others abide by- so until I come up with the 480 bucks to cover the idiots f*ck-ups- I'm just SOOL!

I wish it were different!! damn it. But it ai'nt.

Oops- my southern came out- big time.

Al said...

I think your rants would be even more entertaining and hate-filled if you were drunk. Chug some boxed red wine and then write about how how any wine that comes from a box is shite. Irony and alcohol, you can't lose. Any chance you killed your ex because he didn't leave the seat down?

Sunny said...

Nope- You have here a rare woman who thinks that we dont put the seat UP for you guys so why should y'all leave it down for us? Tit- For- Tat.

Paulius said...

Yep, the banking system over here is VERY confusing. It took me weeks to find a bank that would cash my travellers cheques when I first arrived here.

I mean, 'American Express' TC's, pre-paid, no chance of them bouncing.

I once worked in a pub and was handed a letter that said:

"The pay system has changed, you will now be required to work a week in hand. Please make arrangements for the coming week, and you will not be paid until next tuesday, instead of this tuesday"

Make arrangements? What arrangements can you make for not having any money for a week? Call the local soup kitchen?