Friday, June 24, 2005

End Of Days.....Holidays, That Is


I have learned a sad truth today..... My week of Holiday is almost over- and much quicker than I thought.
I thought today was Thursday- Paulius informed me it was Friday.


So- I thought to cheer me up I would write down every thing we did so far-

*We went on our infamous Little Adventure to North Carolina during a severe thunderstorm where we promptly got lost. God- that was FUN.
*We went and bought a kiddy pool and have sunned and played in it a couple times.

*I napped when I wanted for as LONG as I wanted.
*I ate WHEN I wanted and as little as i wanted.
*I have not washed a dish all week(yes- they have been done).
*I have done only one load of laundry all week(the bed linens and the towels).
*I have watched HGTV to my hearts content and when I have not been watching that- Have watched a HEAP of DVDs, Tapes, and TV movies and went to the movie theatre to boot!
The list: (specially for you, Cindy)
Batman Begins
Star Wars Episode III
Star Wars Episode I
The Grudge
Ladder 49
Wrong Turn
Without a Paddle
Our Wedding DVD
Dirty Dancing
Full Monty
Finding Nemo
Sharks Tale
Fast & Furious
9&1/2 Weeks
TV Movies-
Too many to remember them all- about a dozen.
I also watched the SI Swimsuit model search- about 6 hours of it last night.
Talk about inspiring a person to get their butt back on their diet and excersize regime!!!

And making plans to go on holiday in BORA BORA.
That must be Polynisian for Double Paradise.
I have never seen anywhere so beautiful and serene.

Paulius has been absolutely wonderful this week- Spoiled me absolutely ROTTEN, he has. Cooked for me- done basicly whatever I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it- came up with some great suggestions of things to do to help me relax- let me sleep and fielded all the phone calls and visitors when I was trying to rest so I wasn't disturbed. He is the best husband EVER!!!

Well, I have a couple days left- altho I consider this just my regular weekend off- so I had better go and make the MOST of the REST of it. Time to go do what I have most loved this week- snuggling with Paulius.

Have a GREAT weekend all!!


Pete said...

Glad to hear you had such a nice holiday. Compliments to your husband for taking such good care of you!

MC Etcher said...

Now you've gone and done it. Now Cindy is going to expect similiar treatment!

Sunny said...

LOL- maybe i should explain the circumstances behind Paulius going above and beyond when it comes to spoiling me this week.....
I have been having some serious problems with my wrist for a few months and on Tuesday we found out the problem has grown to epic preportions- enough for surgery next month.
So i can do absolutely nothing with my right wrist until this matter is cleared up.
paulius being the wonderful husband he is- is doing everything in his power to put my mind and body at ease before this surgery. He is a firm believer in standing by my side during the better- or worse.
I don't even want to contemplate life without him and want him to know that I will be by his side as well- no matter what the circumstances. Always.

So, I don't think Cindy would want to go thru what i have been going thru the past few months for this particular brand of special treatment- however, dear sir, it would be wonderful if all husbands/significant others treated their loved ones this well- regardless of the situation- and vice versa for female counterparts!!

serendipity said...

ahh, where can I get my own knight in shining armour totake care of me?

I could use one of those to look after me when my head is hurting so much it feels like i've been in the ring with Tyson and Evander and I was the buffer!

Vicarious Living said...

I not only expect, I demand such! Especially since I set such an excellent example.

Sorry to hear about your wrist tho - but glad to hear Paulius is taking care of you.

Thanks for the movie list lol
Sounds like a wonderful, restful break from work.