Thursday, June 09, 2005

Humor- The Best Medicine

Having a husband who makes you laugh is the greatest blessing in the world.

I usually come in from work, eat breakfast, shower, and go to sleep. This morning, I skipped breakfast, went straight to the computer and read some blogs, wrote a blog and then crawled into bed. I couldn't go to sleep so my husband roused up and began talking to me- or letting me talk. We started a serious conversation but as time went on it got less and less serious til at the end of it Paulius had me in stitches. I wont go into the topic of conversation- it changed a LOT during that hour and a half and the topics would mean nothing to you but be HIGHLY embarrassing to me - but that man has a sense of humor that the world should know about.
I was crying I was laughing so hard-actually gasping for breath- And it's not just an every once in a while thing he does either- it's practically an everyday thing.
Seriously, (ha ha), he can turn even the most somber of topics into a comedy routine without offending.
Humor-it really IS the best medicine.

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Vicarious Living said...

I agree whole-heartedly! :)