Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dinner, Anyone?

Ever sit and watch other people eat a meal?

I do- Not staring or anything, just in the course of the meal....haha....

I eat one bite of every thing on my plate and then have a sip of my drink and start over until it's all gone.

Another person I know, on the other hand, eats every bite of each thing on their plate and takes a sip of drink when they finish each portion.

My dad eats to equalize....he will eat a bite of each thing- sort of like I do, but if he has some of one thing left over he gets another spoonful of the other things to make it equal out evenly.
Of course this can cause the thing he was equalizing up to to run out and then he has to equalize it with the other stuff he just equalized.

It's a difficult process to do- and I have noticed he seems to do it with sweets more than anything.

Another person I know eats all their meats first, then their veggies, then their bread, and finally their dessert and then, and ONLY then do they take a sip of drink.

Most kids, if left on their own, will eat dessert first and then their meats, and then the veggies-unless the veggie happens to be french-fries in which case THEY are eaten first and then the dessert.

I know- I doesn't take much to entertain me, does it?.......


Vicarious Living said...

I tend to go for the food I find yummiest on my plate, but after several bites realize I'll have to eat the food I like least at the end, so stop and have some of it, that way the last bite I eat will be of the good stuff.

It would stand to reason I like things to end on a good note I guess :)

serendipity said...

It's funny you should mention this. I was watching 'T' eat in a restaurant and what he does is eat things one at a time. He won't mix foods on his fork! I find that strange. If he has steak, fries and veggies, he will eat all his steak, then his veggies, then the fries....

I'm more inclined to get a little bit of steak, and a couple of fries and eat them together and try to avoid the veggies :)

Paulius said...

I agree with Cindy. I eat the thing I like best first, and go in order of preference.

I'm not like 'T' though, I will actually mix things.

I do always eat everything before I drink anything though.