Saturday, June 25, 2005

Not Until we get our OWN Place.

We have discussed this before.
We had a cat- we had a puppy- we had to give the puppy back to my son- he missed him. The cat- Malibu- decided she wanted to be a bitch- first she refused to come out of HER bathroom unless she could see the bottom of her feed bowl- then she decided she hated us both and ran outside to live- despite the fact she has been de-clawed. And she is surviving very nicely. She hunts- and catches stuff- and then hangs around my daughters house, my mums house, AND our house for all the table scraps.

We have fish(altho it seems not for long) and that's MORE than enough for me right now......I would LOVE to have another pet- but I REALLY REALLY want to get our own house before we get one. I ideally want a kitten and a puppy.

So we agreed- no more pets until we get our own Place.

We went to my son's home today for a visit. Had a nice long visit and chat....and when we started to leave my hubby spied a mama cat and her long haired Ginger kitten under the porch. Awwwwwwww- look at it...........

We are now the proud owners of the Ginger colored kitten who we have named "Padme'.
Yes- as in Star Wars.

And I AM glad we took her home.

I absolutely REFUSE to get a puppy before we move into our own place, tho- and thats THAT-

I MEAN it.

That's me putting my foot down........I don't care how many sad puppy doggy eyed looks I get- from the puppy OR the husband.

Well, maybe it wouldn't hurt to just LOOK at them.........


MC Etcher said...

We really want pets too, but aren't allowed to have them in our apartment.

Do we get to see a picture of Padme?

Paulius said...

I'll post a picture on this, my darling wife's blog, as soon as she gets used to the house...she's the dictionary definition of a 'scaredy cat' right now. A camera flash will have her hiding under the bed...never to be seen again.

Sunny said...

Paulius tried to take a picture of her/him- and he/she's now hiding UNDER the bed. A California king sized bed- with four inches clearance between it and the floor........I'm not crawling under there to get her out- she'll come out when she's hungry or ....Uh-oh...Did he get her liter box trained yet?????

Vicarious Living said...

lol - sure, right, no puppies

Can't wait to see a picture!!

Chief Slacker said...

I'm still waiting for the fall to the darkside for Padme ;O)