Sunday, June 26, 2005

Presenting Padme.

As promised, a couple pictures of the new kitty:


MC Etcher said...

How adorable! Makes me want one even more.

Vicarious Living said...

Oh she is too cute!

Sunny said...

We should have named her Blaine-(i.e. David Blaine)- because she has pulled a couple of really amazing disappearing acts today.

Be prepared for some very interesting blogs from Paulius on her- I can see it already.

serendipity said...

She looks adorable! I don't have a ginger cat - i have three though - Magic (all black) Spike ( white with black spots) and LouLou (Tabby)
They are all really colourful characters, Paulius would have a field day writing about them!

Chief Slacker said...

I think she'd be camoflauged by the walls at my place ;O) very cute.