Thursday, June 30, 2005

Damned if you do- Damned if you don't.

I've been blogging way too much about things I get pissed about lately- and I gotta stop that.

But there is one last one I gotta do before I go on to better things.

Don't you just freaking HATE when your job sucks?
I do- and the sad thing is I can't quit right now.

I have to have surgery on my wrist and there is NO way I can afford the surgery on my own without the insurance coverage from work.

Luckily, I got a call from the Doctors office today and they have moved my surgery up a week- so after the 18th of July I can start looking for another job again.

I hate when you try to get things done at work and you can't do it for the things your bosses put in place that not only add to but get in the way of you doing your job.
When you try to go thru the proper channels it stops at a certain point- and if you finally GET results and someone actually listens to you- you get bitched at for not following proper "CHAIN-OF-COMMAND" which you DID, but instead of the higher-ups following chain of command in the REVERSE direction- they come directly back to you and make it look like you didn't follow protocol. Then YOU get bitched at about it. And then you have to spend an hour explaining all the proper proceedure you DID go thru before getting any results.Usually they call you in to explain yourself AFTER you have clocked out for the day so you end up not getting paid for that extra time, too.

I just follow protocol- where it goes after me isn't my concern or responsibility after that- UNLESS I see that I am being completely ignored and it is making me look like an ass and THEN I WILL go to the top of the tree and chain-of-command be damned. But IF I do that- I freely admit to it and take the consequenses- GLADLY.
I just hate when crap like that happens.

You're damned if you do- damned if you don't.

Some days I just want to throw in the damn towel and tell 'em to all go screw themselves.

End of Rant- Thank you so much for listening.


MC Etcher said...

Next time they start griping at you off the clock, I recommend you clock back in.

As soon as you try, they say "wait, what are you doing?"

And that's your chance to go home.

Sunny said...

If only it were that easy- company policy for us is a mish-mash of convoluted B/S that says they don't pay you for "unauthorized overtime". In other words- anything not "pre-approved" and a meeting that takes place as you were on the way out the door isn't pre-approved.

Yet another one of the things I hate since I have one of those "unauthorized" situations pertaining to absolute BS at least twice a week. Company policy also states that regardless of the situation- if you leave before being properly dismissed and relieved you can be terminated.
Also refusing to wait and see what the higher up wants can be construed as insubordination which is yet ANOTHER reason for termination.

You cant win.

Vicarious Living said...

I don't think I'd like to work at your job. I bitch about mine too of course, but am too chicken to look for something else. This is the only thing I've ever done! And I have insurance and make good money. Responsibility sucks. Hope your surgery goes well and that you find something else soon!