Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm Better at Internet Than Real Life

I really am.

It's so odd.

I don't get it.
I am friendly and sociable in real life. So why don't i interact with real live people like i do with people I meet over the net?

I wrote about this before- I have four"friends" in real life- but actually I can't say that because two of those I met thru- you guessed it- the internet.

Hmmmm.... Maybe it's because I am a bit selfish- I can talk to my internet friends when real life doesn't get in the way- and they understand because they are the same way- things to do- everyone making demands on me taking chunks of my time when I have so many things that need taking care of. Internet friends understand that. Real life friends don't. They want your attention NOW and don't understand when you can't give them the attention they demand.

I like my internet friends....I wish I had more time to spend with them.

Someday I am going to win the lottery or publish my book and become a bestselling author and THEN I will have a bit more time to do the things I want.

I promise.


Vicarious Living said...

Hey, can I just copy and paste this as my post for today? I understand EXACTLY!

And internet friends are ok with dead of night conversations, either b/c they themselves are already up, or you know, email is silent, as opposed to a ringing phone. And there's too much to do during the day.

Sunny said...

Sure- Copy and Post away!!

MC Etcher said...

Ooh, what's the book about?

Are we allowed to know?

Sunny said...


Hunters Revenge

Story based on past real life experiences and what I imagine many women out there with less......shall we say "control" would REALLY like to do.
Luckily for abusive men, only a handful of women are actually patient enough or would know how to go about getting the training they would need to be capable of doing what Hunter does- which is no more than what abused women actually DREAM about doing.

I've found it's a good way to excorsize the demons-so to speak- only thing is- it's such good therapy that I now have to wait until period week to work up enough anger to write more on it.

serendipity said...

Sunny you sound like you have had some VERY similar experiences to me.

The book I am trying to write however is very different.

Internet friends - ahh how I love them. Time differences mean they are there for you when others cant be. You are right in that they dont make any demands of your actual time and you get to know them through talking over a length of time