Sunday, April 27, 2008

Awesome Days

Well, It has been a week let me tell you.

I had to work on Wednesday and Thursday this week- my easy week.
As usual, on my easy week I ended up more tired than I usually am and glad to be off for the weekend.
I can't remember whether I blogged about it or not (but knowing me I probably DID blog about it)but last weekend I was in hospital again for most of the weekend and I had a follow up appointment on Wednesday morning with my regular doctor.
She said I had lost an additional 6 pounds since I saw her last week and altho it was good I was losing so well, I needed to slow down a bit. I explained that I had been ill the day before and since I had been throwing down all day and night, most of the weight loss was probably from that illness and not so much from my regular dieting.
She accepted it and just told me to be careful. See, in addition to having a problem with being overweight, I also had a problem when I was around twenty where I was in a situation and lost weight....and couldn't stop losing. I got down to 87 pounds on my 5'6 frame before I finally stopped losing....and only then because I was preggers again.
So, I have a double problem of needing to lose weight but having to be careful lest I end up in THAT situation again. Shoot- Paulius is already telling me I'm getting bony spots on my body.
I can only imagine if I lost down to a hundred pounds.

Anyway The doc also said my cyst wasn't to be worried about right now, we will keep an eye on it tho. She said my pain was coming from my kidney illness back first of the month. She said basically that I was trying to do too much too soon and I needed to back off the activity a bit. She said they TOLD me I wouldn't be back up to speed for a couple of months and they actually MEANT a COUPLE of months!
So, I have backed off my "normal" activity- again- and am really taking it easy- again. I went to my nieces baby shower today and had to come home after only about a half hour because I was just exhausted.
I had a big weekend, you see. Now I KNOW I just told y'all I have backed off the activity, and I have. Most of my activity this weekend so far has been sitting on my butt watching the actual work being done. Altho I have to admit I DID grill some burgers yesterday.
But I had my eldest son, Frank, and his little family come over and spend the day with us on Friday. I had a spot in back of my house that I wanted to make a postage stamp veggie garden in. It was where someone(I don't know who) had started a porch or deck and never finished the project. I figured since it was just sitting there doing a whole lot of nothing- it was the perfect size for my very first veggie patch. And since it was contained in a cement block wall a couple of blocks high it would be a pretty good weed guard and wouldn't require quite so much maintenance as one planted out in the middle of a field. (Pretty smart for a BLONDE huh? I tell you- changing my hair color to a reddish-blond instead of golden blond has made all the difference in the world in my intelligence level. SERIOUSLY!!!)
So, Frank 'nem came over and he and Marie cleaned it out(it was full of odds and ends that had been dumped in there during previous years yard-work) and then he weeded it and borrowed my moms rototiller and he and Paulius tilled it. Devon and Nicholas and me went looking for some good long pointy sticks for doing dessert after dinner.
We lost the light after that, so we grilled burgers and sat around the fire toasting Hosmedders til time for them to go home. Poor Marie had to work today and they didn't get home til almost 11PM last night- I know she had to be exhausted today.
Then last night/this morning I got ill again. I asked the others if they were sick and no one but me got sick so I'm assuming I ate too many of the grilled burgers (I had almost two!!) and my healing system just rebelled. I won't be doing THAT again anytime soon.
Anyway, so this morning I went and picked Frank and the boys up and he came over and planted my garden for me. Nothing elaborate, just a short row of bean bushes and a short row of sugar snap peas. And a couple bell pepper plants and a couple of low-acid tomato plants. And then there are the cantaloupes, Cannonball watermelons, and, of course, pumpkins for the Jack-o-lanterns for the Halloween party we're going to have for the kids this Halloween instead of taking them trick-or-treating.
I just sat in a chair and pretty much pointed a finger where I wanted the things located and Frank planted it there for me.
Devon did some work as well, moving our lawn furniture around to the shady side of the house....after a bribe/promise of ice-cream as a reward. Devon is a VERY enterprising little boy. He wanted to negotiate terms of payment and was adamant he wanted cash money.....until I offered him Ice-cream instead. His negotiating skills went OUT the window at that point. He needs to work on that.
Then I went to the baby shower for a while and got to see my daughter, Julie-(she had left HER 4 boys at home with Eddie)-and also Kathy and little CJ. I also saw my two sisters and my mom and most of my female relatives on that side of the family. All forty of them.
;-) It was a good time.
Paulius was abed at the time napping and missed ALL the excitement. Some neighbors across the rail-road track had been clearing some brush and decided to burn it. By the time Frank was finishing up the garden the smoke was THICK and Frank and I was wondering if it had gotten out of control. So while I was at the baby shower next door, we heard sirens as the brush fire had indeed gotten out of control. Ten fire trucks had to be called in to get it under control and there was still two there and an ambulance when I got ready to nap and it finally started to rain. If it had rained this MORNING when they were predicting it would start the fire would have never been started-let alone got out of control. But neither would my garden have gotten planted and I wouldn't have had the pleasure of my son and his two boys spending the day with me in my garden. And while the kids napped Frank and I watched a movie together, too.

So here it is-1AM on Sunday morning and I'm sitting here writing a blog about how great my weekend was and it's not quite half over yet. I could definitely use more times like these past couple days......


Terry Chandler said...

N-I-C-E! I'm so glad you are having a good weekend. I HOPE you really ARE taking it easy. At least it sounds like you are starting to feel better. You planting veggies or flowers in that there garden?



Sunny said...

LOL- Veggies Terry.......Snap beans, sugar snap peas, peppers, 'maters,cantalopes,watermelons, and pumpkins.

I should have planted some spring onions, okra and squash as well, but I didn't want to get overly ambitious.