Thursday, April 10, 2008

Short & Sweet

First of all, This is our Lil' Clay now. He's almost two months old! Hard to believe isn't it?
His Aunty Julie took this photo of him over the weekend.
Isn't he a DOLL???!!!

Okay, well now........
I worked my first shift back at work last night. And it was light duty so my work-load was virtually cut into only a third of what I normally do.
And my butt is STILL dragging this morning. I ache all over, so I am going to take a pain med and my antibiotic, and go to BED for the rest of the day. Then I'm gonna get up and do it again tonight, as well.
And THEN I get to be off until Monday night at 10PM. Whoo-Hoo!! I really wish I had taken the doctors advice and stayed home til Monday, tho. But too late NOW!

I'm REALLY looking forward to my weekend off. Mostly I'm looking forward to our family cookout......the one we didn't get to have on Easter cause we all had to work or was out of town.
I just hope it doesn't rain. But if it does, that's okay too- Paulius and I have a HUGE country family dining table and we'll just cook'em them burgers in the oven instead of on the grill.
Almost as good tasting altho I KNOW the guys will miss being able to play in the fire if it DOES rain.

Later, Y'all!!


OzzyC said...


Happy little guy...


Glad to hear you're moving around at least a bit.

Terry Chandler said...

Such a cutie pie! Hope you have a great time at the family cook-out.
Don't overdo it!

marie said... adorable! I can't wait to see him again. And guess what? It is supposed to rain I think.But your right we'll have fun indoors as well.Its great to let the boys(young and not so young)run around outside and play with fire though.They'll be sadly disapointed.