Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For Two Of Julie's Boys.

For TJ- who requested a picture of a MONSTER TRUCK- and a Video of Christopher who was jealous he didn't get HIS pic up on Nanny's Blog as well.

Don't worry Devon, Austin, Justin, Nicholas, and of course Lil CJ- I'll be posting YOUR pictures on here too!! (Little hint- you have to SLOW DOWN long enough for Nana to TAKE pictures occasionally!!!)

Love, Nanny V.


MC Etcher said...

Wow, kids today! (LOL)

I can honestly say I never pestered Nana to mention me on her web site.

Marie said...

Good luck getting Devon or (especially) Nicholas to slow down. I try to get pictures ALL the time and usually Nicholas's head is turned, or mouth wide open, or something. The best one we have is the one you took when he was about 1 yr old with Frank holding him.That pic of TJ is excellent, if you make prints Id like one to add to photo album.