Monday, April 21, 2008

Does It NEVER End???Drama Queen Revisited

My friends are going to be so sick of me....Hell, I'M sick of me.

I had to back to the ER this weekend. I began having the same symptoms again on Friday and so Saturday afternoon when I woke up and things hadn't improved I took off to the ER, hoping against hope that the infection wasn't back. Well, after a MULTITUDE of tests again, they came in and said all indications were I DIDN'T have the infection again and they wanted me to come in for an Ultrasound the next morning. So they gave me an injection of Demerol and Zofran for pain and nausea and sent me home.
Well, they gave it to me KNOWING I had driven myself up there and after giving me the injection handed me the phone and informed me that I needed to call someone to come GET me to drive me home cause they couldn't let me leave and drive myself home after getting that injection. Now THAT'S a great time to tell me I need to have someone drive me home....AFTER giving me the injection.
First of all- it goes to work almost automatically and I couldn't remember anyones phone number. Finally I got my mom's cellphone number right and called her. A dozen times. It kept going to voice-mail because she had called the number back and it went directly to the main switchboard. And THEY had her on hold trying to find me which they couldn't do because I wasn't actually admitted to the Hospital Proper- just in the ER.
Well, I finally managed to find my brother Charlie's number on one of the 200,000 bits of paper I have in my purse and wallet and asked him if he would come get me- AND if he could manage it, round someone else up with a Drivers License to drive my car home so I could come for the ultrasound the next morning at the crack of dawn.(I don't know WHY they couldn't have done the Ultrasound THEN while I was still there IN the hospital instead of making me come BACK in the next morning which was just a few hours away anyway but that's neither here nor there, I suppose.) Fortunately, I have one of the sweetest Baby Brothers in HISTORY and altho he was elbow deep in working on his truck- he went next door and got my sister Tee-(you've heard about her before on here many times) and they came and got me and my car and got us home safe and sound.
Well, when I got home I had to call my boss and let him know I wouldn't be coming in to work and that I had an ultrasound scheduled for the next morning and I would let him know what was going on as soon as it was over.
Bless his heart- he's a GREAT boss as well. Not to say he was HAPPY about my being out of work once again, but he seemed to understand the need.
Well, anyway,
I got up next morning and went in for the ultrasound and it seems I have an Ovarian Cyst.
My sisters have had them and one had surgery to remove it and it never came back. The other sister did HRT-(Hormone Replacement Therapy)- and had to have a hysterectomy because she developed Ovarian Cancer a few months later.
So the ER doc told me to contact my OBGYN doc and decide what to do about it with her. So I have a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon with her about that.

You know- in my LAST life I must have been a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE person- like one who chopped heads off little babies and skinned kittens alive- to have such BAD Karma in this life.

On the other hand- the ER doc said from the size of it I have had this cyst for a while and IT was probably what was giving me a lot of the pain when I went to the doctor about the Kidney Infection so it very well may have saved my life. So I can't complain..........

Wait!!!!!...................................Yes I CAN...IT HURTS!!!!!!
And to top it ALL off, I have a seriously upset tummy and think I'm coming down with whatever yukky stuff my poor Paulius has had the past few days!!! I just CANNOT win!!!!

Anyway, I have been called a Drama Queen(QUITE UNJUSTLY, I MIGHT ADD!!) and I swear- I am NOT getting all this horrible stuff just for the attention. I can think of MUCH easier things to do if I want attention.

Hugs and Apologies to you all for putting up with all my "Drama".


Lois said...

Good point about the cyst pain possibly saving your life. Go ahead and rant ... we're all pretty much used to it. :)

Hang in there, Sunny. Things will get better.


Sunny said...

And that's my whole point......people who don't KNOW me as well as YOU do will think me whining like this all the time is the REAL me and not the funny, silly, crazy, lunatic girl YOU know so well. This has just been an extraordinarily bad couple of years for me- especially since my Dad's passing it just seems to be one horrible thing after the other happening and me whining and blogging about it. I know i could just NOT blog about it- but what's the point of having a blog if you can't put EVERYTHING(almost) on it?
I mean think about it.Dad's Passing, Fish-hook in my foot, broken foot, sprained OTHER foot, the flu a couple times, Clays accident, Julie AND Marie's miscarrying, two friends passing away,The Kidney infection and now the cyst. That's a LOT of Bad karma in the past few years.
And it SUX.
I'm ready for a bit more good stuff to write about. I really AM!!Then everyone might get to mee the REAL me- the one YOU know and love so much!!!

Terry Chandler said...

Hope you'll soon be feeling better!


Saffyre said...

Sunny, you are entitled to moan whenever you feel like it. It's all part of being female and our rights...LOL. No seriously, get it off your chest, you'll feel better. Plus, we all love you anyway, drama or no drama!

OzzyC said...

Damn girl, you're defective. Get better dammit!

marie said...

You big baby! Just kidding Vada! We luv ya and don't mind hearing you whine :). Just so long as your there to listen to us if the need arises, and I know you will be. Thats what family is for. We all must have been kitten killers in another life b/c your not alone with the bad karma.